The 5 Best Apps For Busy Working Parents That Can Make Their Lives Easier


Take A Time Out To Read Up On The Five Best Apps For Busy Working Parents

Working parents are pressed for time in general, and they also feel the pressure of spending quality time with their families. There are only so many hours in the day, only so many moments to share. These five apps can help working moms and dads more easily manage their kids’ daily routines, plan family budgets, arrange family outings, and more.

1. KidsEatFree

Taking the family out to eat? Even if it’s fast food, the costs can add up quickly. Many restaurants looking to cash in on family dining offer a variety of Kids Eat Free promotions. Busy parents can track these promotions before trucking the kids out for a favorite meal by using the free KidsEatFree app. Available for iOS.

2. VarageSale

Most likely you’ll never again use the orange, clown-themed kids’ table and chairs. Or Dilly-Dally Doggie. Or the Princess Pearl Porcelain Tea Set. With VarageSale you can connect with other busy parents looking to buy or sell used family and children’s goods. You can make extra money by selling your used items or snag some gently used ones for a reasonable price.

3. Trekaroo

Plan and budget your next family outing with Trekaroo. Whether you’re looking to head out on a local day trip or organizing a faraway vacation, this app finds kid-friendly activities wherever you’re going. You’ll also have access to reviews from other busy parents who’ve been there, done that, and who can fill you in on what’s good and what should be avoided.


There are those who think this money-tracking app is worth its weight in gold. The free app can help you quickly and easily track your spending, bill payments, and budget. In addition, lets you monitor your overall net worth.

5. HappyKidsTimer

There’s no need for alarm when the alarm clock goes off in the morning: The HappyKidsTimer app helps your kids manage daily routines like making their beds, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and more. Timers plus fun incentives help your kids get on their way and stay on track.


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