The 8 Best Part-Time Jobs To Pay The Bills


Had your fill of full-time work? Check out these part-time gigs.

There are many reasons why part-time work can be preferable to a full-time commitment. Part-time work allows you to spend more time at home with kids or aging parents in need of care. You can free up more hours to explore a hobby or a burning passion that’s been on the back burner for far too long. And it can ease your transition from full-time employment to semi retirement while still allowing you to collect a paycheck.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following 8 jobs have a high rate of part-time workers and offer variable hours, while also placing high among the U.S. News Best Jobs rankings.


Average hourly wage: $9.39
The hours are fluid for pouring drinks and well-liked bartenders at popular venues can bring home some serious cash thanks to plentiful tips.

Nail Technician

Average hourly wage: $10.01
Bring a certain polish to your work life by becoming a nail technician. Completing a cosmetology program is required.

Retail Salesperson

Average hourly wage: $10.47
What’s in store if you’re working as a retail salesperson? In some instances you can round out your salary with commissions for big sales.

Taxi Driver

Average hourly wage: $11.30
Tips from pleased passengers can boost your taxi driver wages whether you’re transporting customers to the airport, a hotel, a train station, company meetings, or social events.

Recreation and Fitness Worker

Average hourly wage: $17.39
This job might be a good fit for you if you’re into being a fitness instructor, park director, camp counselor, or someone who oversees physical activities in other capacities.

Massage Therapist

Average hourly wage: $18.92
Take a deep breath and relax: You’re about to leave the world of full-time work behind as a massage therapist helping to reduce and relieve pain, unwind tense muscles, and induce a sense of calm.

Real Estate Agent

Average hourly wage: $20.85
There’s always room for growth as a real estate agent, depending on the market. Training requirements vary by state but all require licensure.

Web Developer

Average hourly wage: $31.23
Set your sights on website development, overall website design, checking for bugs, and other technical services that can bring a site to life when it goes live.



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