The Best Banks for Frequent Travelers of 2019


We’ve Got Just The Ticket: The Best Banks For Frequent Travelers, 2019

Part of the joy of traveling is experiencing the unexpected, but sneaky ATM and foreign-transaction fees don’t pack a whole lot of fun. Here are the two top bank picks for those who like traveling for a number of reasons while keeping their bank fees at a minimum.

Named The Best: Charles Schwab Bank

It all clicks so easily with Charles Schwab Bank: There are no strings attached to the bank’s traveler-friendly perks but you will have to do your banking online. Charles Schwab Bank reimburses its customers for any surcharges added to ATM withdrawals — anywhere in the world. In addition, the bank nixes foreign-transaction fees on its debit card. And don’t worry about carrying your card with you; you can load it into one of four compatible digital wallets instead. The Schwab mobile app will let you quickly and easily view any transactions, pay bills, and deposit checks while you’re on the go.

In addition, the bank offers two excellent accounts: The High Yield Investor Checking account yields 0.4% with no minimum balances or monthly fees and comes with a Schwab One brokerage account with a big plus: no penalties for maintaining a zero balance. The High Yield Investor Savings returns 0.5% and is also free.

Runner Up: Radius Bank

At the center of Radius Bank’s traveler-friendly services: three checking accounts that offer unlimited ATM rebates worldwide (international travelers incur a modest 1.1% foreign transaction fee). The Hybrid Checking account yields 1% on balances of $2,500 or more; the High-Yield Savings account returns a rate of 1.5% on holdings of $2,500 or more and 2.05% when your balance hits $25,000. Radius Bank also offers a cash-back account and a charity-oriented account that makes donations based on your earnings.

Two mobile apps put travelers on the path to easy banking: The Radius Card app allows you to temporarily deactivate your debit card, letting you dictate how and where it can be used. A budgeting tool that analyzes spending makes the Radius Mobile banking app a must-have when you’re trying to keep within your travel budget.


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