The Biggest Secret to Getting the Best (And Cheaper) Cell Phone Plan


You Might Not Know About This New Way — To Get A Major Discount On Your Cell Service

Everybody loves the ease, convenience, and the accessibility of having a cell phone. But the monthly service bill? Let’s just say it’s not feeling the love.

Maybe that’s all about to change and things are starting to turn in your favor in the wireless service world. An innovative company is taking the concept of buying in bulk and applying it to cell phone service. And that could mean cheaper bills for you, month after month. Here’s what you need to know.

Mint Mobile Can Help You Save A Mint

Mint Mobile is a game-changer when it comes to wireless carriers. Unlike the big names in wireless service like Sprint and Verizon, Mint Mobile doesn’t have the chain of retail stores and the expensive overhead that inflates service plan rates.

In addition to being online-only, Mint Mobile offers significant rate discounts when you pay for several months all at once; essentially, you’re buying cell service in bulk. How does it work? Take a look at the following example.

Suppose you expect to use 8GB of 4G LTE data per month, including 216 hours of surfing the internet, 56 hours of streaming music or nearly eight hours of streaming video. With Mint you can expect to pay $25 per month, a significantly lower rate than that of other cell phone plans. For example, a 5GB plan at Verizon would cost at least $50 per month; a 6GB plan at AT&T will run you a minimum of $60 monthly. All Mint plans offer unlimited talk, text, and data (data speeds slow down after you use the listed 4G LTE allotment).

To lock in the discounted Mint savings, you’ll pay $300 for the year upfront — all 12 months, all at one time. You get to keep more money in your wallet and you also don’t need to keep reminding yourself to pay your phone bill. One and done.

Because Mint runs on T-Mobile’s network you can expect similar coverage. Another key selling point: You can keep your same phone number regardless of whether you bring your own unlocked phone or buy a new one through Mint.

If you’re hesitant about signing up for the 12-month plan, you can opt for a three-month trial with a seven-day money-back guarantee. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


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