The Closest Thing To A House Call: Talk With A Real Doctor For Just $14


The symptoms appear. The questions pop into your head. And the Google search begins. All too often, you find yourself searching the Internet for answers about your health or a medical issue, hoping for an immediate (and not frightening) medical diagnosis, maybe even a quick-fix home remedy.

An estimated 7 percent of Google’s daily searches are health-related, says Google Health Vice President David Feinberg in a report in The Telegraph. Google’s total daily health-related searches amount to 70,000 each minute, according to the report.  ”People are asking us about conditions, medication, symptoms and insurance questions,” said Dr. Feinberg during a conference in Austin, Texas. Health-related Google searches also appear to increase among emergency room patients weeks before visiting the hospital, according to a Penn Medicine study. More than half of patients searched for clinical information related to the medical issue they ended up going to the hospital for, including symptoms or a potential illness.

When a health concern comes to mind, you could head to urgent care or the doctor’s office, but the high cost of health care can be sickening; so, too, can sitting in a waiting room for hours surrounded by others with ailments that could be contagious. But this should make you feel better: You can talk with a board-certified doctor and get a prescription, should you need one, for just $14 with the free K Health app. And you won’t need to cough up any additional cash: The price stands with or without insurance.

To get started, use the free K Health app to discuss your symptoms; the process only takes about five minutes to complete. K Health uses artificial intelligence to compare your particular case to millions of actual medical records. You’ll then learn how doctors diagnosed and treated people in your situation. If you decide at that point that you’d like to speak with a doctor, you can chat with one for just $14. In just minutes, you’ll be connected with a U.S. board-certified doctor. The physician will review your case and provide you with a personalized treatment plan, including a prescription or lab tests, if indicated. In addition, you’ll get unlimited follow-ups for two weeks after your initial chat.

So instead of searching for medical answers online, you can now have a direct line to a doctor who can put your concerns to rest. All while you’re resting in the comfort of your own home.


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