Turn Your Backyard Into A Wildlife Refuge For Under $40


Your Backyard Can Become A Wildlife Refuge For Under $40

You can add some natural beauty to your day-to-day living by making your backyard a haven for wildlife. Boosting the wildlife population of your surroundings doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor; in fact, you can attract more wildlife to your outdoor living area for under $40. What a great way to let your love of animals and nature run free.


When you install a birdhouse in your yard, you give birds a place to live even if there aren’t a lot of natural nesting sites. Use scavenged materials such as coffee cans, plastic containers, or wooden boxes to build your own birdhouse or purchase a birdhouse kit for about $12.

Hummingbird Feeder

Make your days more colorful with a hummingbird feeder. Because hummingbirds are attracted to red, choose a feeder of that color or one that has a clear glass that can be filled with red nectar. A nectar feeder costs around $10; nectar purchased in bulk (64 oz.) costs about the same.

Bat House

Okay, so they might not be the most attractive creatures out there but looks aren’t everything (unless it’s Halloween). Bats like to take flight at dusk and are valued for eating mosquitoes (that could mean less mosquito bites for you!) and other insects. Build a bat house from plans or buy one that’s preassembled for around $30.

Squirrel Feeder

No, you’re not nuts if you like the sight of squirrels racing around your backyard. Although some people consider squirrels pests that raid their bird feeders on a daily basis, others find them cute and entertaining. A squirrel feeder, available for around $25, can serve up ears of corn and bring squirrels closer for hours of leisurely viewing.

Butterfly Plants

Let your love of nature’s beauty take flight: Enhance your yard with the addition of plants that attract butterflies. For about $5 you can buy a butterfly bush that includes a pack of 500 seeds that will sprout fragrant blooms attractive to butterflies seeking to feed on the nectar.

Suet Feeder

Woodpeckers and other insect-eating birds will dip into a suet feeder to get a quick energy fix. Use a small metal cage or a netted bag to hold the suet so that birds can get easy access to it; suet feeders cost only $10 on average.

Unmown Area For Shelter

Why have a lawn that’s a total yawn? Leave an area of your yard unmown and you’ll provide shelter for a variety of wonderful wildlife. An area of tall grasses will offer a natural source of nesting materials for the ecosystem in your yard.


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