Worst Wedding Gifts: 6 Gifts No Newlywed Couple Wants to Receive


Don’t Give These Gifts To Couples Saying ‘I Do’ 

We all know it’s the thought that counts when it comes to giving gifts. But let’s be honest:  Gifts can be costly, so even though you might not be counting pennies when you’re selecting a gift for your loved one or bestie you want to make sure your money is well spent. Based on feedback from wedding participants and wedding experts, we’re unveiling some of the worst wedding gifts to give.

1. Anything Monogrammed

Just an FYI:  Unless you positively know what monogram a couple is going to use it’s best to not give any monogrammed items. So forget the towels, the linen pillow shams, or the luxe bathrobes bearing highly stylized letters (that are usually very difficult to read).

2. Anything Traditional

Sorry to break it to you but gifts of crystal, china, and other items meant to be “forever” heirlooms aren’t a favorite of newlyweds. Oftentimes a couple doesn’t have enough storage space to keep these items or they may move several times before moving to a home where they plan to stay. Or they just might not be into items that remind them of Grandma Mae’s dusty and dated collectibles.

3. Anything Political

According to Sacha Patires, event planner and designer at Whimsical Weddings & Events of Oklahoma City, giving a wedding gift that is even remotely political is just plain wrong. Politics shouldn’t enter into a wedding day other than when determining the seating chart.

4. Anything Baby Related

Don’t rattle the newlyweds by starting with talk (and gifts) about babies before they’ve even left for their honeymoon. The focus of your gift should be on the newly married couple and the start of their life together — not when they’re going to start a family.

5. Anything For The Home

Pull up a chair and take this bit of advice to heart:  It’s unlikely that you and the newlyweds share the exact same taste in household decors like art or furniture. So don’t presume you know what will take their home from oh-so-stuffy to boho comfy. Check the couple’s bridal registry to see if they’ve identified any items they’d like to have in their rental or home.

6. Anything To Do With Exercise

Few wedding gifts can be misconstrued as badly as exercise equipment:  It’s a day to celebrate love, not draw attention to the presence of love handles on the bride or groom. Maybe they don’t like exercising at home or, well, exercising at all. Better to choose a food- or kitchen-related item from the couple’s registry than to imply they’ve made a few too many trips to the fridge.


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