Write And Earn: Chicken Soup For The Soul Pays $200 Per Story Or Poem


Got A Personal Story You’d Like To Tell? A Poem You’d Like To Pen? Chicken Soup For The Soul Will Pay You $200

Maybe you’ve been thinking about putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to tell a story that’s been circulating in your mind for, well, you don’t know how long. Your personal story could be worth $200, which just might be all the inspiration you need to start the next chapter in your life as an author, essayist, or poet.

Chicken Soup for the Soul is accepting essays and poems for inclusion in upcoming books. What, you ask, is Chicken Soup for the Soul? In the early 1990s, two motivational speakers put together a book of inspirational stories they hoped readers would find soothing and comforting, just like grandma’s cooking. Today, the company publishes a variety of Chicken Soup for the Soul books on topics such as child rearing, faith, and other life experiences.

So (dare we say it?) don’t be chicken — get writing and you could find yourself getting $200 just like that. Only story and poetry submissions that haven’t been previously published will be accepted. The publisher is looking for personal experience stories and poems for books in these subgroups:

  • Age Is Just a Number
  • Christmas Is In The Air
  • Listen To Your Dreams
  • Stories About Self-care and Me Time
  • Stories of Divine Intervention

Guidelines For Making Chicken Soup for the Soul Story Submissions

Your story must be true; creative writing essays or fictional material will not be accepted.

Your story should:

  • Be written in the first person
  • Be something that happened to you or someone you know
  • Have a clear beginning, middle, and end
  • Create emotion in the reader
  • Come from the heart
  • Be no longer than 1,200 words
  • Not be a biography, term paper, thesis, letter, or journal entry
  • Not be about politics or anything controversial

Guidelines For Making Chicken Soup for the Soul Poem Submissions

Your poem should:

  • Tell a story that helps the reader learn about your experience but be in poetry form
  • Not focus on rhyming or sound like a greeting card


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