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Highest Paid CEOs at America’s Largest Companies


Chief executive officers (CEOs) are the highest-ranking — and often the highest-paid — employee of any company or organization. Here’s a fun stat… According to a study by the AFL-CIO, the average CEO of a S&P 500 company earned 347 times as much as the an employee in a non-supervisory role in 2016. Interesting, but disturbing, chart below.

Whether or not such a drastic pay gap is justified is a debate for a different day. However, there’s no denying the pressures — and scrutiny — that come with being the head honcho at any major American company. In both good times and bad, CEOs of publicly traded companies are accountable to customers, regulators, shareholders, board members, and their own employees.

Now that we’ve established the burden that comes with the job, let’s dive into the fun stuff! 24/7 Wall St. reviewed compensation packages for the 100 largest publicly traded American companies (largest by revenue).

With a few exceptions, CEOs of these giant companies report compensation packages of at least seven figures, while the majority earn eight-figures per year. Maybe it’s worth all that “pressure”!

You can find the full article, along with the rankings, at USA Today. Click Here

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

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