25 Lottery Winners Who Lost Every Penny

Who hasn’t dreamed of winning the lottery? Just thinking about all those millions of dollars and what you could buy; dream houses on the beach in Malibu, fancy restaurant meals, cruising the French Riviera on your own yacht! It all sounds so sweet!

Unfortunately, this rarely happens to lottery winners. On the surface, you would think that all of the problems in their lives would disappear, but the truth is, most lottery winners end up unhappier than they were before they won.

Take a look at these 25 “lucky” lottery winners and what happened to their money, as well as their lives, after hitting it big.

Michael Carroll – Spent $14.4 Million


At the age of 19, Michael was working as a garbage man in England. He won a lottery of 9.7 million pounds (approximately $14.4 million dollars at the time). He was an ecstatic young man when he won in 2002. He promptly bought gold jewelry, a mansion, and spent lavishly at any party he could find.

In just 10 years’ time, Michael was broke and had to file for unemployment. He tried to sell his mansion, but the market was in a downturn and he lost $600,000 on the sale. Today, he works in a slaughterhouse making about $511 a week but claims he really has no regrets about the way things turned out.

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