Attention Shoppers: The Best & Worst Items to Buy on Black Friday


Black Friday. We all know it’s about saving some green. Beginning as early as the end of October, we’re bombarded with ads about blowout deals, best-of-season prices, and get-’em-before they’re gone gifts. But is it all just hype to stoke up sales or a really great opportunity to pile up perfect gifts in your cart while keeping more money in your wallet?

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, you’re dogged by the same dilemma: Should you camp outside your favorite retailer on Thanksgiving night so you’re first in line when the store opens or should you set your alarm for 2 a.m. on Black Friday morning so you can head out in the wee hours to save big? Either way, shopping on Black Friday is a commitment — for some, it’s more like a calling.

So to help make your shopping excursion worth the trip, we’ve looked to some pros for tips on what to get pumped about and what to pass up. After all, Black Friday comes just once a year: Why not make the most of white-hot deals?

Without further delay, here are the BEST and WORST items to buy on Black Friday!


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