People Share the Funniest Thing Their Pet Has Ever Done


Whoever said animals didn’t have senses of humor have not met these pets. Not only are they funny creatures, but they also happen to crack their owners up with their crazy yet adorable antics. They remind us when we’re running late, get scared by their own farts and work together to steal food in pairs. And that’s not even the worst trouble they get into. If you’d like to read some of the funniest and most adorable things owners have seen their pets do, keep reading.


42. Partners-in-Crime


I had a dog named Bruno and a cat named Abagail. They worked together to steal food. One night, my husband put his supper plate on the computer desk and went to get a drink. The cat jumped on the desk and knocked the pizza burger to the floor, where Bruno was waiting.

Bruno bit it in half and they ate it sitting next to each other. They’d irritate the crap out of one another, but when they worked together, it was beautiful. Dogs and cats can be best friends and partners-in-crime too! I love them both so much!


41. She Fell For It Twice


I have two dogs: one is a very calm old dog named Toby who mostly sleeps and loves to eat, and the other is a much smaller, authoritarian dog named LouLou who keeps Toby in line. We feed them in the kitchen, which is attached by two separate doorways to the living room. Toby, loving food as he does, scarfed his food down, but Lou still had about three-quarters of hers left. So, Toby meandered into the living room, and we started petting him and such until Lou heard that he was getting attention and came in yapping her head off so that we would love her more.

Then, Toby trotted around through the second doorway, and walked right up to Lou’s food bowl and started eating. After about ten seconds of this, Lou realized she had been duped. She came screaming through the kitchen, chasing Toby away, so he just casually walked back to us, and we started petting him again. Lou, not being the smartest, fell for it again and again, until Toby had eaten all of her food.


40. Payback Time!


We have two cats, Bogan and Phoenix and I have lots of funny stories. Phoenix will eat anything, including pickles and hot sauce. The best story happened just a couple days ago: Bogan crawled into an open, empty pop box and Phoenix sat on top of it just right so that Bogan couldn’t get out.

The best part is that yesterday, we caught Bogan trying to trap Phoenix in the same box. Also, Phoenix has an obsession with boxes. Her favorite is a flat box that just fits her. She likes to run and jump in it so that it skids down our hall. We’ve also caught her half-laying in it and pushing with her back legs down the hall, like a skateboard.


39. It’s Dangerous! Freeze!


I have a green-cheeked parakeet and I once bought her a new calcium chew that was shaped like a little flower. She must’ve thought it was Satan incarnate because she froze and refused to eat it until I pretended to eat it myself.  I guess once she figured it was safe for me, it was probably safe for her.

Another time was when I bought a new doormat for the balcony. I couldn’t use it because, for some reason, my parakeet thought it was the most terrifying thing in the world. She just froze in place with her crest up and wouldn’t move until I took the doormat away. I love that crazy little bird.


38. Open the Gate!


We had an adorable greyhound called Bertie. One time, we were having some fencing replaced in the back garden, and when we got back from our walk, the workmen had taken down all, but left the gate standing.

Bertie stood by the gate waiting for it to be opened despite the fact that he could have easily walked round either side. I tried pushing him around. Nope. Just wagged his tail and looked at me. I walked around myself and tried to lead him? Nope. I had to actually open the gate, whereupon he happily trotted through. The workmen were pissing themselves laughing.


37. The Pooper Cat


My cat has this weird and unique talent. If I leave clothes laying on the floor, my cat will poop in them. She tried to poop in a mop I left out after cleaning my kitchen, but I caught her in time.

My roommate left his door open; he has a small heater in his bedroom, and my cat pooped right in front of it on a shirt he left laying on the floor. The heater kept the poo nice and warm and made the entire room smell like a hot turd, and he woke up in the middle of the night gagging and had to go throw up.


36. Doggos Lovely Farts


Once my dog was licking her butt when she farted in her own face, then stared in shock at her butt before laying her head down in the other direction. It was like he had to investigate his own butt to make sure that’s where the fart came from and then got mad at it.

And, sometimes, when she farts, she startles herself and then walks around in circles trying to determine where the noise came from. I once zipped her in my jacket when I went outside earlier (she’s tiny) and she farted in there. I got dutch-ovened in my own freaking jacket. It cracks me up every time.


35. Snow Adventurer


One day, after we had gotten 7 or 8 inches of snow, my cat decided to be a brave adventurer and dash out of the door. She knows she absolutely hates snow, but always does this. (I must also note, that she has no clue what to do when she gets outside. She starts making this ridiculous meow/scream that is mind-blowingly hilarious.)

She runs out, jumps into the snow and disappears and I’m sitting there letting her learn her lesson. I hear a muffled meow scream as she very very slowly lifts her head up above the snow. Her mouth stays wide open, her eyes filled with pure and total regret, and continues to stare at me doing this meow until I came and picked her up. She did it again an hour later.


34. Bun Bun Did the Deed


I have a rabbit named Commander Bun Bun. I recently moved, so I was unpacking my things and I made the mistake of leaving him out of his cage while I unpacked the stuff for my bedroom. I have a stuffed cat that I’ve had since I was a kid; it’s a little beat up, but it’s very sentimental.

I took out the stuffed cat from the box and set him on the floor while I put a blanket away in the closet. Apparently, Bun decided that the stuffed cat was extremely sexy and, being the natural horn he is, he decided to do the deed. He mounted it, speed humped it for 10 seconds, jizzed all over it, and ripped its head off. I was between laughing and crying for hours.


33. Look Who’s Guilty?


I had a partition that my kitten liked to climb but I always told her to get down. One day, I came home to find the partition on my floor and parts of it detached. Of course, I was upset but my kitten chattered.

She literally showed herself out; I didn’t have to say a word. And she sat right outside the door (which remained open) until I told her she could come back in. It was so cute (she was palm-sized at the time) that my annoyance was fleeting.


32. Own Tail Attack


My cat chases his tail and tries to bite it. He’ll sit there and stare at his tail, then jerk his head every time his tail moves. I keep saying, “Special, you’re moving that!”, but he doesn’t listen. Then he gets mad, his mohawk goes up and the attacks the tail.

When he successfully bites it, he attacks the tail even more ferociously because it just bit him back (his only understanding of why after biting the tail he is in sudden pain). He’s gotten to the point of growling, hissing and spitting while doing it too.


31. Cat Easter Egg Hunter


My cat likes to play with plastic Easter eggs. She picks a half up in her mouth, and trots around with it, yowling all the while, with the egg functioning as an amplifier. One year, we got the kids these big eggs filled with candy, and eventually, she found one and tried to play with it the same way. Except when she picked it up, it flipped up over face and covered her eyes. She panicked and started running around like, “AW MAH GORD I’M BLIND,” clanging into the baseboard heaters and whatever else. It was hysterical!

She finally dropped it and stood there dazed. “I CAN SEE AGAIN. IT’S A MIRACLE! Oh, look an egg!” And picked up the egg and did it again. And again. And again. I finally threw the damn thing away because she would do it in the middle of the night.


30. Derpy Dog


I went to let my Boston terrier outside one day and while she was waiting at the door she sneezed, smacking her nose on the door, and ending up with a bloody nose. She was fine and at the time it was scary but now it’s one of those funny stories you tell people to describe your derpy dog.

And the first time we took her to a lake, she got so excited that she just ran in without knowing what it was. Oh, water! Okay, not phased, keeps running towards the middle. We thought she’d start to swim, or at least float. We still don’t understand how she didn’t. But she ran along the bottom of that lake and just disappeared under the water. We laughed so hard and then, nothing. She didn’t resurface. My dad had to go in after her and carry her out.


29. Sticky Head and Tail


My cat is one of God’s special creatures. She has this thing about sticking her head in things, and when she gets stuck, she will either cry so I come help her out or she will come to me and sit sadly waiting for me to remove it.

She also used to take running leaps into reusable shopping bags and slide around the floor. It was all good until one day, she turned around to get out, had the happy tail in the air and it snags the bags handle. She then freaks the hell out because the bag is now following her. Trying to catch a cat that’s running around the house with a bag hooked on her tail is actually pretty hard.


28. Too Dang Smart!


When my dog was a puppy, she was convinced our TV was a window. When we lived in our apartment, behind our TV was the stairs up to the bedrooms. More than once when we were watching shows with animals in them, she would run up the stairs, right behind the TV, looking for those animals.

The best one was when I was brushing him and I went inside to get a drink of water. Before I started brushing him, he had dug a pretty decent hole near our tire swing. When I got back outside with my glass of water, I found him burying something in the hole. It was the dog brush. Too damn smart.


27. Curtain Lover


My cat Myrtle has a thing for the shower curtain. So I was showering a couple of weeks ago and when she dived at it, she ended up in the shower with me covered in foam. The shower was slippery and no matter how fast she tried to run she was going nowhere. I got the impression it was one of those “I’m only ever going to do that once” moments!

Myrtle loves the movement of the curtain; it’s her favorite toy. She’s destroyed two so far. She tears them to pieces and the first ended up like a Hawaiian grass skirt! And sometimes she will hide in the curtain and then attack my legs when I walk by.


26. Grumpy Cat


My cat is very lazy and overweight, so I bought one of those motorized toys that spin around a stick with a feather on the end of it. I put the cat next to the toy and turn it on. She just sits there, not moving at all, while the stick spins around repeatedly hitting her in the face. 

After a few seconds, she finally looks at me like I am abusing her and lets out a little cry. I threw the toy in the garbage. She’d also regularly wake herself up with her own farts and stare accusingly at us. Like “Hey, who threw that firecracker and woke me up?”


25. Hooman, Your Interior Design Choice Displeases Me!


One of my cats likes to get my attention by meowing/whining, which means I am supposed to follow him. When I do, he will look back every few seconds to make sure that I am. It is usually to “show” me something that he finds unsatisfactory.

Usually, it’s the state of the litter boxes as he has to share with his two brothers. Once, however, I got a new shower curtain in my bathroom. He repeatedly led me to where I had balled up the old shower curtain (near the trash in my bathroom) and would cry. Even after the old shower curtain was long gone, he would lead me to the bathroom, stare at the new shower curtain, then look at me and meow in protest.


24. She Threw A Shoe At Me


My dog, Libby, rides with me to pick up my kids from school, and she knows exactly what time we leave. The kids had an after-school activity so I needed to pick them up an hour later than usual.

When we didn’t leave at the normal time, she started whining at me. Then barking. Then she swatted my shoe with her paw, hard, so it flew through the air and hit me. She threw my damn shoe at me! It hurts a little but I can’t resist how adorable this dog can be.


23. I Can’t See Anything! *Screams in Alien Language*


I have a really old, really crazy cockatiel named Tina. Every Monday when the garbage truck comes, the noise of it wakes her up, but because the cover is over the cage, she can’t see anything and so she starts screaming. It’s like she thought, “Oh shoot, I’ve gone blind!”

She also likes to waddle around the floor with my other cockatiel, Alex, who is her mate. But she’ll walk behind the curtain and then freak out because she can’t see Alex and thinks he’s vanished, so she starts screaming again.


22. Fly Tape Disaster


My cat once discovered a roll of fly tape in a kitchen cabinet. Not sure how he managed it, but we walked in the door to find he had effectively hog-tied himself in the middle of the floor. A big fat cat with long gray fur sticking out in giant tufts between the strips of tacky, gooey tape managed to wind all over himself, crimping his tail in two places. He couldn’t move any part of his body because it was wrapped so completely.

He looked like he had just become aware of his own mortality and the immensity of the entire universe. We felt horrible for laughing, but it was such a ridiculous scene that we were still cracking up even while cutting the tape away and checking to make sure his tail wasn’t broken.


21. Lock it Up


My cat saw us go into the bathroom and close the door for some time, then open it. So he’ll go in, wait for a bit, then realize he can’t open the door. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed so he just waits for us to open it up. He won’t really yell unless it’s been a LONG time.

He also has a tendency to open up drawers and then manage to find a way to close it while inside. Problem is sometimes he won’t admit defeat and start meowing for help, so I need to eventually go on a cat hunt when I realize things are too quiet in my place.


20. Silly Harley


I have a cat called Harley.  He’s the sweetest boy but he’s as dumb as a block of wood. Every time he comes into the house through the back door, he’ll jump up onto a wooden table that’s just inside, and every single time he does this, he slides right across the length of the table, and tumbles off of the other end. He is also very uncoordinated. He regularly tries to jump onto my lap, only to slip and fall. 

On more than one occasion, I’ve returned home to find him curled up in the middle of the road. Even worse, he hears me coming, lifts his head up, then goes right back to sleep. It’s a miracle that he’s not dead yet. He also decided to climb the Christmas Tree. How do I know this? Harley’s on the heavier side of the scales. You can probably guess what happens next. This was not the last time he attempted to climb the Christmas Tree.


19. Master of Fall


I have to always leave the lid down on my toilet, because my cat will jump up to sit on it without looking to see if the lid is down. She’s fallen in a few times. When this happens, she tries to “back out”, but the bowl is too slippery so she just is stuck with her back paws on the seat and her front paws trying to push her back. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

This cat has also fallen head first into a kitchen trash can, fell off a windowsill after biting her tail, tried to jump on my bed like it was a trampoline (only to fall off of the bed), get her head stuck in a glass of beer, and get her fat butt stuck in my boot. 


18. Adorable Rusty!


My dog Rusty has so many stories. He regularly puts his head in the way when our other dog is peeing (and thus gets pee all over his head). We have gotten good at pulling him away in time, but sometimes the other dog still gets him.

This dog also cannot find his way out from under a blanket. If you put one over him, he’ll struggle with it for about 30 seconds, then he just gives up and lays down. He won’t move until someone comes to take the blanket off. He also loves chasing tennis balls, but if he doesn’t see where it goes when it’s flying through the air, there is no hope he will ever find it. That dog could search the backyard for hours, and he wouldn’t find a ball in front of his face. 


17. The Shadow Catcher


I once had a dog that would spend all day chasing shadows and reflections on the walls. When he “caught” them he would just sit and lick the wall; he could have easily licked the wall for hours on end.

Now, he will chase anything that moves, including his own shadow. He will slam his head into the wall after a light or sometimes just sit for hours and watch the spot. Like when you wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight he freaks out and will stay in the light spot the whole time.


16. Not A Fan


One of my cats is perpetually startled/horrified to discover the living room ceiling fan is a thing. None of the fans in the other rooms of the house phase him or merit his notice, but the one in the living room is apparently a monstrous spidery hell-beast that appears and disappears at will.

The cat will walk into the room, start washing his face or yawn and stretch, then startle because that thing is up there, crouched by the ceiling. He’ll hide from it and slink around behind the furniture until you pick him up and show him that it’s not something that’s going to get him. Then a week later, you get to do the whole thing again.


15. You’re Stinky, Hooman


My German Shepard likes to bark and chase whoever is swimming in the pool. When I was doing laps, she ran around having fun until she eventually fell in by the steps. She climbs out, looks directly at me, barks, and then runs around the yard like crazy. She ran onto the smooth concrete porch, tried to turn which caused her to slide into the table and knock a chair down. 

And probably the funniest one was when she was pawing at her nose because I didn’t put on deodorant one day due to being rushed out of the house. It was hilarious but it was telling me to go take a bath.


14. Tummy Up!


I once had a d0g that would go out of his way to be lazy. He’d lay down on the couch, tummy up, then slide halfway down onto the floor so his head and forelegs were on the ground but his hind legs remained on the couch. Then, I swear on my life, he would gesture to his belly as if to say “it ain’t gonna scratch itself.”

Another dog I owned was in love with my neighbor’s dog and when they were out on walks, Jojo barked and cried at the window in excitement. When she realized they were walking away, she’d run into my room whining in disappointment.


13. Dusty Noses


I have a Siamese cat that is very smart. His best friend used to be a black cat that wasn’t as smart and they were goofy partners in crime. The Siamese was always figuring out how to get to the food while the black cat helped enjoy the spoils.

My husband left a container of freeze-dried chicken treats on the counter. When I came back into the kitchen, these two trouble makers had knocked down the container, somehow miraculously managing to get the screw top lid off, gorged themselves on the chicken bits, and were now licking up the remainder of the freeze-dried chicken dust covering the entire kitchen floor. Their noses being firmly in the pale dust on the dark wood floor gave these two troublemakers the appearance of two desperate party-goers chugging down every last possible bit of drinks.


12. Hooman! Help!


My wife heard the cat screaming like it was being mauled by a lion. She went outside and looked under the house to see the cat, being mauled by a lizard on her paw. It was like she was screaming, “Mom! It’s TOUCHING me! Gross!”.

Also, often times, this little cat got stuck under the couch because she forgot how she got under there. I had to rescue her because she wouldn’t stop screaming. She’s beautiful and very sweet and loving but the inbreeding shows…


11. Fat Cat Fail Jump


My cat wanted to jump up on to the window sill, which is not a very high of a leap, but my cat is fat and lazy. I’m sitting on the couch and I see him pre-jump-wiggle and make his decision. I was in the way and he tried to leap over me, onto the couch, and then up to the window.

Well, he missed his mark, scratched my leg, and plowed face first into the wall beneath the window with a thunderous boom. He quickly ran away and I didn’t see him for hours. I think he was embarrassed. But sometimes when he does dumb things, he just walks away and does something else. Pretends it never happened.

10. Purred All The Way Down


I had a farm cat when I was a teenager that loved to climb up and sit on the roof. But the problem was that he had the habit of rolling over for a tummy rub whenever he saw a person.

So it was a distressingly common occurrence to walk near the house and have him roll right off the roof. You’d think after the first three times he’d have learned, but no. He lived a long life despite himself. Cats really do have nine lives…or more.


9. That Seed Though


Once, my gerbil got stuck in an infinite loop. I was feeding her sunflower seeds out of my hand, and she was grabbing them to hoard for later. She’d pick up three, reach for a fourth and drop one of the first three. Then she’d notice the one she just dropped, go for it and drop one of the seeds she was holding.  Then, she’d notice that one… and so on ad infinitum.

After seven or eight repetitions, when it became clear that she wasn’t going to work it out on her own, I took pity on her and removed the fourth seed. I have no idea how many seeds she thought she had at that point.


8. Cat Slap


I had to answer a phone call today in the middle of playing fetch. My cat got up and slapped my butt with her tiny paw so I’d go back to the really important things.

The same cat also decided to walk past the remains of fresh chicken my mom had left out to cool so the animals could have some later. Instead of the chicken, she ate the asparagus instead. If you left a cauliflower out, she’d eat all the leaves.


7. Toilet Flush Watcher


If my cat is anywhere near the toilet when it flushes, he’ll get up on two legs, bracing against the rim with his front paws, and stare down intently into the vortex of water in the bowl with what I can only describe as an expression of awe and reverence until it calms down again.

He really loves doing it so much that he wants to be in the bathroom with me whenever I go so he doesn’t miss it. This has been going on for eleven years, and it still blows his tiny feline mind every time. He’s the best toilet buddy.


6. But You’re Not Blind


We thought my cat was blind. She would be sitting with us, and then walk into the other room and start crying because she didn’t know where we were. When we called her name, she would stop crying, come back, and sit with us again. Bur her vision is fine; she’s just dumb.

She also loves to sit underneath the glass and staring up. If you drop a piece of food onto the glass table, she searches the floor for a couple of minutes, not ever understanding why there isn’t food on the floor. She’s had some time to figure it out.


5. Somebunny Needs Help


While I was typing in my office, one of our two rabbits hopped in, stared at me for a solid 20 seconds, then hopped out. It was kinda weird but I thought no more of it until he came back. I still found it odd that he just stared, then hopped away again. This time I followed him to the next room.

Turns out our other rabbit was stuck, behind a dresser. She’d slipped behind it but it was impossible to get out, and seemed a bit frantic back there. I shifted the dresser, she hopped out and they touched noses, hopped away. He never did anything like that again, but I’m convinced that he figured out that he needed help so he came and got me.


4. Humpy Dumpty


The very front of the lawn forms a point into my road, which curves around my property and I have a huge boulder surrounded by some rose bushes. I let Jerry and Reggie, my dogs, out to do their thing then I went outside to retrieve them.

As I get closer, I see that Jerry is at the top of the boulder, sitting and looking not so amused: Reggie is just humping the ever living out of him, on the highest point of this boulder, at midday, like a gay Simba. The neighbor parked because her laughter impeded her ability to drive.


3. Treasure Keeper


When she was still a puppy, my dog would “bury” her toys in the middle of the room. She’d dig the carpet, making a “hole,” then meticulously place the toy in the hole and bury it with her paws and nose, shoveling the supposed dirt over it.

There’d just be a ball in the middle of the floor but she was satisfied it was buried and she’d trot off happily. And sometimes, she’ll trot around the house looking for a place to bury her toys or foods, and it ends up in the laundry basket, under the pillows on the couch, or anywhere she can nudge something with her nose.


2. You Can’t Fool Me


When I finally got my cat after years of begging for one, I decided “Hey, since I finally have a cat, I can watch it chase a laser pointer!” So I dug out a laser pointer from the depths of nowhere, found my cat (who had already become a master of teleporting when no one was looking after having him for a week), and pointed the laser at the floor in front of him.

Sebastian proceeded to stare at the dot for a few seconds, glance up at me with a look that said “Seriously?”, and then flipped over on his other side so that he was no longer facing me. He was unimpressed with the laser pointer. Sad.


1. Uh, I Hate This Food! Gotta Cover It!


My kitty, Rosie, would only “bury” her food if she hated it. You’d have to scramble to keep her from covering it with carpet fuzz or whatever when she seemed to decide in 10 minutes: “Sigh, I guess this is the only gruel I get in prison today.”

The downside was that, if anything was nearby, she’d use it to bury her food. So, your clean laundry, sweatshirt, socks, whatever, she’d drag it over and cover the offensive food. She also liked to cover it if she vomited like she was embarrassed by it. She’d work for several minutes dragging things over.

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