People Share Their Sweetest and Most Hilarious Marriage Proposal Stories


Marriage proposals are pieced-together traditions where men (usually) kneel before their beloved and ask for their hand in marriage. It’s something that is cause for celebration, but sometimes, the way they’re done may evoke different reactions, like laughter. While some men (and women) pour their heart and souls into their proposals, other use toilets- yes, you read that right- toilets!

Here are some of the sweetest and gut-bustingly funny marriage proposals you’ll ever read about.

40. Well Done, Mr. Nutcracker!


My S/O is a super hands-on; he’s the kind of guy who loves to build and fix things. He actually built me a set of nutcrackers for Christmas that I unwrapped in front of my whole family. He spent hours making these nutcrackers that looked exactly like us. His Nutcracker was down on one knee offering a crown to my Nutcracker- essentially asking her to be his queen.

After I opened it, he got down on one knee and proposed. So now I have those nutcrackers to remind me of his proposal which was just so his personality, and it couldn’t have been lovelier. We have now been married 5 years and still loving every minute of it.


39. Effort is Everything


My fiancee has a terrible habit of asking why I love her, so I decided to answer her for good (it didn’t work, she still asks). I printed out around a hundred pictures from our past and hung them from the ceiling of her room with twine, each with a relevant reason as to why I loved her.

I surprised her when she got home from work and as she was totally overwhelmed with the display, I got on one knee. After the crying and calling family and friends, I whisked her away for a weekend beach vacation so the two of us could be together and just soak it all in.


38. Your Engagement Ring, Rather?


I bought her a Kindle for our third anniversary and wrote a little story about us. Something cute, about ‘this guy met a girl, and they talked about this and that’ (with specifics about our relationship, of course). One of our early conversations was about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the phrase “Do you know where your towel is?”.

The last line of the story that I wrote was, “And, one very important question: Do you know where your towel… rather, your engagement ring is?” When she looked up at me, I brought out the box with the ring, knelt down, and asked the question. We got married two months ago.


37. The Tears of Joy


We’re from the UK and went to Amsterdam for our birthdays. We were at the Keukenhof tulip field, with people watching and taking pictures of all the gorgeous tulips in bloom. We came to a point where we both needed to sit down and have a drink so we were just chatting. We started getting a little bit soppy with each, saying “I love you” and “I love you more.”

Next thing I know, he pulls a ring box out of his camera bag and says “I love you this much.” We both sat on that bench hugging and crying for a good 15 minutes!! It was such an amazing day and just perfect in every way!


36. Disney’s Dream Come True


We go to Disney World with my mom about once a year or so. On the second day of our October 2016 trip, we were entering Epcot, and he said: “Hey, let’s get a quick picture!”. We lined up for the Photopass photographer, and he says to my mom “Is it alright if we get one together first?”. We do this all the time, so it didn’t seem like anything unusual.

Then, right in front of Spaceship Earth, he got down on one knee and said, “I love you more than anyone on the planet. Will you marry me?”. It was magical! My mom was so surprised! He didn’t tell a single soul, not even his best friend or parents.


35. It Was Heavier Than Usual


I bought her those 25-cent cheap rings out of vending machines when we first started dating and would propose to her openly in front of people wherever and whenever — it made people around us applaud and try to buy our drinks/food (we always turned it down). I stopped doing it over time.

Seven years later, we were in our favorite coffee shop, I pulled out a plastic vending machine bubble and proposed in front of people. She laughed at first thinking I was being nostalgic until she took the bubble and realized it was slightly heavier than usual.


34. Marry Me?


I had class over the weekend and so he apparently spent the day decorating our friend’s backyard. We went out for his birthday dinner and then back to the friend’s house. My friend pulled me to her bathroom to try on some old clothing and then took me out after about 5-10 mins. I thought it was weird that it was super quiet walking through the house.

When I opened the door to the backyard, there he was under a lit altar with the words “Marry Me?” hanging behind him and our friends on both sides leading up to him. I, of course, waddled up there and whimpered “yes” before he pushed me away as he laughed. “I gotta ask you first,” he said, then dropped to one knee and asked. It was perfect!


33. Simple and Super Romantic


We had been teasing each other for weeks about wanting to marry one another. He brings it up one night and I said: “I’d marry you tomorrow.” He said, “I have to work tomorrow, how about the next day?”

For real? I spent the next day getting ready, trying on dresses, buying rings and everything while he was at work and the following day, we headed up to Gatlinburg and eloped in a tiny chapel, just the two of us. Couldn’t have been any more perfect.


32. Accidentally In Love


I did it by accident. I was drunk, we were talking about something random, and all of a sudden I looked at him and said: “Please tell me you’ll be mine forever!” He looked at me with the biggest eyes and said: “Are you asking me to marry you?”

For a second, I was almost embarrassed but quickly squashed that strange feeling and said “YES!” He got the biggest grin and then said “I always told myself I’d marry the first girl who asked me. Of course!” It was freaking fantastic!


31. “No, I’m Asking You Too”


We have been dating for about nine months. She had gone to college a couple of hours away from me so I would visit a couple of weekends a month. I had made the decision that I was going to ask her, but I didn’t have a ring or a plan yet. During one visit, we were watching a movie.

When it ended, she got up to do something and as I watched her I just couldn’t wait anymore. I went to her, took her hand and got down on one knee. She looked at me and dropped to her knees. I kind of panicked a little and said, “No no, stand back up!” She smiled at me and said, “No, I’m asking you too.”


30. Treasure! That Is What You Are!


We are both big Disney World fans. We took a week-long vacation there, and on our fourth day, took a break from the parks for some spa time and general relaxation. That evening, we had dinner. On the way out of the restaurant, we were greeted by someone dressed as a Disney cast member. The “cast member” invited us to take part in a Disney promotion and we couldn’t say no; we just had to take part in a short treasure hunt.

My then-girlfriend eagerly accepted, and soon we were down on the beach near the Seven Seas Lagoon. We found a star in the sand and dug up a small treasure chest that had been shallowly buried. Inside was an electric candle and a note. I took a knee and gave my speech, perfectly timed with those reliable Wishes fireworks. She smiled. It was perfect.


29. Proposing While Drunk? No Problem!


We were in Vegas for a fun trip about nine months after we met. Drunk me said, “We should probably get married while we’re here, eh?” Drunk him said, “Yeah!”

We woke up in the morning and avoided eye contact for a while, then took in the shark show at the Mandalay Bay. On our way back to our hotel, he just bursts out, “Well, are we getting married today or not?”. Yup, we are and we did. We’ve been married for 6 years now and have two wonderful kids.


28. The Real Show


This is what happened with my parents. My parents love to act and they were playing opposite each other in a play at a local theater after they had dated for a while. My dad’s character in the show falls in love with my mom’s character and proposes during the show.

During one performance, my dad switched out the prop ring for a real one and proposed on stage during the show. No one knew he was really proposing except for them, even though they were in front of 300 people!


27. Doggos Always Got Your Back!


A few months ago, we moved into our new house, then a couple of days later, we took a trip to our old place to clean and grab the last of our stuff before handing back our keys. My boyfriend was keen to “have a relaxed day exploring” our new area but I insisted on going back to the flat to get the cleaning out of the way. Roll on a few hours and he was keen to return back to the house. I was up for more hoovering and letting him go ahead. He eventually persuaded me to leave, insisting that he would finish off everything in the flat later in the week.

After arriving at the house, he says he has a surprise for me in the lounge. I open the door and there are the six dogs, all kitted out in mini tuxes/bow ties (apart from the one girl, who had a tutu and a fake rose in her mouth). One of the dogs stood on his hind legs pushing a trolley, then my boyfriend gets down on one knee and pulls a ring from the trolley. We’re now getting married next year.


26. It Was Trashy, But Not Literally


I got the ring, but had no real plan, and was too excited to wait. At the time, both of us lived like slobs, so there were garbage bags everywhere waiting to be taken out.

When I asked her out of pure excitement, I didn’t notice it was right next to the garbage. It was the second happiest day of my life, the first was the day she actually became my wife. Now, we’re coming up on our fifth year, have a beautiful daughter, and most importantly, no more random trash bags.


25. “Give Me Insurance!”


My husband and I were months away from a big move and I was stressed out about everything. One day I got the thought of marriage popped in my head. I was nervous, so when he got up from his game to take a bathroom break I ran up to him and blurted out “Give me insurance!”

I’m not sure why that was at the front of my mind, but he laughed and we talked about it and now we’ve been happily married for two years. We had always joked about reasons why we would get married, but never actually planned it until one day we did.


24. The Magical Book of Love


So I’m more or less a child; I love Disney! I actually thought I was going to be proposed to at Disney World, despite being told many times that I would not be. My s/o and I would also read together frequently, sometimes picture books, by which I mean, I get read to.

So one day, I’m chilling and am told new books have been picked up. There was a Disney bedtime story which was pretty cool. But my boyfriend was like, “But wait, I got another one. This one is smaller.” So the first picture of this book literally looks just like us and I was sitting there like “but what if I am too presumptuous.” When said book was finished, I sort of just stared in bewilderment until I was reminded I had to answer.


23. “Will you… Dammit!”


He proposed at our friend’s New Year’s Eve party, right at midnight. I remember turning around to look for him at 11:59. He was busy messing around with champagne glasses at the bar with his friend, so he gave me the “Wait a second” finger when I tried to wave him over for a midnight kiss. Guys, if you’re looking for a real quick way to piss off your lady, tell her to “wait a minute” at 11:59 pm on New Year’s Eve. I was not a happy camper at that moment.

Turns out he was trying to put the ring in the glass without anyone noticing. He brought over two glasses, handed me one, and said “Will you… Dammit!”, got down on one knee, took my hand, and finished the sentence. I said yes, fished the ring out of the champagne, kissed him, and then grabbed my best friend to scream about what just happened. It was wonderful. Our friend photographed everything.


22. The Lost Ring


I was 18 and we were on a seaside holiday. We go out for a walk along the beach and I’m looking at some seagulls playing. When I turn around and find him on one knee, I was in complete shock. Then, I notice he is proposing with an empty box! I interrupted with “Isn’t there supposed to be a ring?” He looked shocked and panicked.

It was so windy by the sea that the ring had been blown out of the box. I said yes anyway and by some miracle, we found it! He was pretty gutted that he had messed up the proposal, but for me, I didn’t care. Since then we moved to a bigger city together to attend university. The wedding is in a few months time and I’ve just had our first baby. Couldn’t have picked a better guy.


21. Ace of Hearts


Me and my girlfriend play cards a lot. I took a small deck (that we used to bring to restaurants), cut a heart out of every card but the first, put the ring inside the hollowed out section, and, at our favorite restaurant on New Year’s Eve, asked her to shuffle.

She looked down when she saw the cards were weird, I got down on one knee, hilariously asked her “Will you marry me? If you say no, you’ll have to get home on your own”, and she said yes. If she said no, of course, I would have still driven her home, but I know she wouldn’t say no. We’re happily married for 4 years now, and still counting!

20. One Text Away!


It’s not quite as bad as it sounds. It was one year from the day we met, probably too short of a time for dating, but I loved her and she loved me. We had discussed it a bit in the past; made dreams about our first house and possible children and the whole “American dream” thing. Since my father passed away 10 years prior, my mother gave me her old wedding ring to use.

We went out to the nicest restaurant in the next town over and as dinner was wrapping up, we were talking about going to a movie. I used my phone to shoot the text while I was checking the time, since she kept her phone in her purse on silent. I didn’t have a data plan, but she did, so I asked her to check movie times, which of course meant that she saw she had a text, with a simple message: “Will you marry me?” By the time she looked up from her phone, I had the box in my hand and opened it in front of her. She said yes and here we are, three years later, minus one week. We’re still going strong, and I hope for many more years to come.


19. Puke Surprise!


We went on vacation to the beach about two years ago. I had suspected he was going to ask me to marry him, but when he didn’t do it the by the end of the second day, I figured it wasn’t happening. The reason being was because we had planned to go parasailing on the third day and honestly who brings a ring 200+ feet above the ocean?!

Well, my husband does. The awkward part? I was hungover/seasick and threw up on myself after I said yes! Thankfully, they dunk you into the water right before you get back onto the boat so I was able to kind of clean myself up. It was definitely a hilariously awkward story I can’t wait to tell our kids one day.


18. Where The Hell is My Ring?


Not my story, but still worth sharing. So a female friend of mine got impatient. She decided to take the initiative and left a card on the dining room table that said, “Will you marry me?”

Her boyfriend just sat down, looked at it, looked at her, opened it, read it, set it down, and just started eating. She was obviously ready to jump out of her skin, so she asked, “What do you think?” He said, Where the hell is my ring?” They’ve been married for 16 years now and have two adorable kids.


17. Something’s Fishy!


My boyfriend at the time was being super fishy, like avoiding me, sweating, looking nervous and kept going upstairs. I thought he was either under the influence of something or cheating on me. I followed him upstairs to our bedroom and as I opened the door he jumped out of his skin and dropped his phone, so I accused him of hiding something and cheating on me.

At which point, he said he was trying to wait until midnight but he guessed he had to do this now and got down on one knee, and said, “I’m ready to give you a piece of my mind, instead, I’ll give you the rest of my heart. Will you marry me?” I was shocked, tears began to fall, and eventually, I said yes.


16. Will You? Please?


I knew that my now-husband had the ring. He couldn’t keep that a secret. Our daughter was two at the time and still in diapers. We were watching a movie in bed one evening after our daughter was in bed and I left the room to get water.

I came back and he was on one knee. I put my hands over my mouth in excitement and he said, “Will you do me the honor of taking this diaper cream? Just kidding, here’s your ring.” It was so hilarious. I’m so lucky to have the best husband in the world!


15. The Sleepy Head


It was our second dating anniversary and my boyfriend had to unexpectedly do a third shift. I picked him up from work and we grabbed McDonald’s breakfast on the way home. We got home and we went to our bedroom and laid in bed. He pulled out a ring box and handed it to me. I took the box and looked at me, he then said “Well?”. And I said, “You haven’t asked me anything.” “Well, you know what I’m asking.” And I said yes.

Thirty seconds later, he fell asleep. He slept for three hours, when he woke up he asked if he had proposed. After he was fully awake we had an appropriate celebration. It turns out he had been planning on proposing for about two months but pushed it off for various reasons. That morning he felt like he had to do it. I still thought it was a great moment.


14. That Upgrade Though!


We were visiting her family out of state for Thanksgiving. I had the ring and knew I wanted to do it with her friends and such around. I didn’t know the right moment so I said screw it. A bunch of us were going out one night and someone needed to stop at the ATM.

So about six of us are in the ATM room at a Bank of America. One girl was checking out my wife’s promise ring and I said: “Could use an upgrade.” My wife said, “That’s on you buddy.” I set myself up nicely as I replied “Oh really,” as I dropped to one knee with ring in hand. In short, I proposed to her at a BofA on a Friday night.


13. You’re My Flashlight


I was working as a nurse and had just finished a double shift. I got home and my boyfriend asked me to change the batteries in a flashlight. I told him I’m so exhausted and that I’d just do it tomorrow.

He urged me on and me, annoyed, agreed. The engagement ring was inside the flashlight. The flashlight had no sentimental value and was simply a flashlight. I was wondering and asked him why in a flashlight, he said “Because you light up my life and guide me through the darkness.” It was pretty corny but that made me say yes!


12. The Police Pull Over Proposal


This is my parents’ story. My father had a friend in the police force. He called ahead and asked him to wait at a certain spot in the road. While my father tried to impress my mother with some speeding in the car, his cop friend pulled out behind them and pulled them over.

My mother didn’t think anything of it, because after all, they were speeding. So the cop asked my father to get out of the car and put his hands on the hood, then asked to tell my mother to do the same. When they both get out there together in front of the car, my dad got down on one knee and proposed.


11. He Literally ‘Fell’


We were in Chicago because he had to have surgery. So the day before, he said he wanted to take me ice skating in Millennium Park. It was beautiful, snow was falling just perfectly and after a lap around the rink, he dragged me to the center so we could take pictures. Then he pretended to fall, but actually fell, then got down on one knee with his grandmother’s ring and said: “I’m gonna marry your butt!”

Then he actually asked. Of course, I said ‘“Yes.” Then someone shouted from the crowd “What did she say?!” And he yelled back that I said, “Yes,” and the entire park cheered for us. It was seriously better than I could have imagined.


10. The Cake Surprise!


My girlfriend baked the engagement ring in a cake and brought it over to my house. Now, a few days before that, I had accidentally found it in the drawer with all the mugs, so when she came over out of the blue and gave me a speech about how much she loved me before cutting me a slice of cake, I was so nervous that I swallowed three bites without actually chewing. She got nervous after I ate the entire slice, and we spent the entire night eating the cake (which was really nice, since it was a really good cake).

After that, we decided to give me ipecac to induce vomiting, but no ring came up, so we called our doctor, who told us to be patient and check my stool. When I got the ring after two days of waiting, I called her and I said yes! Three years later, we’re still together.


9. The Bathroom Proposal


I was on a date with my boyfriend, and we both went back to my place. My boyfriend went to the bathroom and I went in after. While in there, he called me, “Hey, did you see what I left you?”. I said, “I’m not looking in there, you’re gross!”

I then opened the door to ask him what the hell was wrong with him and he said: “You ruined the surprise, I taped your engagement ring to the underside of the seat cover!” It was hilariously awkward, but whatever, we love each other, so we tied the knot! And still happily married til now.


8. Friends Are Getting Married, We Should Too!


This happened to my parents. So they were in the produce section of a grocery store when my dad said, “All our friends are getting married, we should too.” My mom (thinking he was joking) just said “Yeah” and moved on with shopping.

A couple days later, she got to thinking about it and, with the serious way he said it, he confused her. She went to him and asked if he was serious or kidding around. He responded, “Well yeah, I thought we were engaged now!” 34 years later and they’re still married.


7. The Geese Assault


My boyfriend and I had gone to our favorite lake, and he was beyond nervous. So we get to our spot and he just stands there, shivering, looking over the lake, watching a pair of geese mosey around near us. Eventually, he asked me if he should pick up a stick that was laying nearby to throw at the geese. My “WTF? NO?!” startled the geese, so they flew away.

After a few more minutes, he stuttered, “So…uh, you wanna marry me?” He later told me the suggested goose assault was his panicked mind’s idea to get him on his knee. We were together six years at the time and had been discussing marriage for a while, so his fear was pretty unfounded.


6. Toilet Pee-posal


I was in the bathroom (inside our room) and my now-husband came by. I was reading about marriage advice and thought it would be cool to get married. I asked him if he wanted to get married next year, and he said it sounded good to him and we should pick a date. We were originally going to elope but decided to have a wedding instead.

I called my parents that night to tell them (but left out the details). No grandiose thing, literally me peeing and having the thought on a whim. I have a made up story I tell people when they ask because the actual story is kind of shameful, lol.


5. Froggie Love!


He had a funny habit of catching frogs near his apartment. He worked crazy hours, so sometimes on his way out the door, he would text me and say there was something at his house for me to pick up. And I’d drive over to retrieve another poor captive froggie. (Don’t worry folks, he bought them live food from the pet store and they were always released back into the wild in a couple of days.)

So one day, he sends me a text. He had just finished working 20 hours after working 16 the previous day. But he had something for me to pick up, so he would stay awake for another hour so we could see each other for a few minutes before he fell asleep. I drove to his apartment and let myself in. I didn’t see any amphibians in the kitchen, so I went to his bedroom to see if he had the critter in there and to steal a goodnight kiss. I walked in and he was in bed already. He popped a ring box out from under his pillow and opened it. But before he had said a word, and before I could say anything, he had fallen asleep! The poor guy… I gave him a big kiss, and woke him up just enough to tell him “yes” and then did the nicest thing I could do for him. I got out of there and let him sleep! Been married four years now, the frogs have been replaced with two dogs, a cat, some fish and five kids.


4. The Bravest One


My husband screamed the proposal at me. He is deathly afraid of heights and thought it would be a good idea to face his fears and propose at the top of a lookout tower. When we got to the top, I was very proud of him and tried to give him a hug but he wanted to get on his knee to propose and hurry back down.

I obviously was confused and he couldn’t move and the nervousness of the proposal and being up high freaked him out and he screamed at me while showing the ring. I asked him to try proposing later that day at a more neutral location. We’re still married 6 years later.


3. Definitely A Memorable One


I proposed this past Saturday before going out for NYE. We went to a fancy steak house and when the dessert menus came I tried to be smooth and said: “Would you like something cold?”, “How about something icy?”. Then as I went to stand up to take the ring out of my pocket and propose, my left quad cramped and I fell over with the chair toppling over with me.

I then proposed with the chair laying on the ground next to me. The strangest part to me was that nobody in the restaurant seemed to notice that I fell; it could have been that we had a 5:15 PM reservation so it was a lot of old people in the restaurant.


2. Nothing Fancy, Just Love!


We went out to a normal dinner, on a normal night, after I had come home from work. We were waiting for our food, and he said, “I’m not sure why, but I REALLY missed you today.” And then he went on to say he never stops thinking of me and he hates calling me his girlfriend, and would I ever consider being his wife. I said that, I would marry him in a heartbeat.

That was it, we sat there and stared at each other for a few minutes and said, “So.. now what we do?”. So we told our parents and a few friends and we were married 3 weeks later. No ring, no big surprise. Just a normal conversation at a normal dinner, that changed our lives. I can say that it was genuinely so much better than one of those big flashy proposals. Just two people wanting to spend their lives together.


1. All Socked Out


My boyfriend and I were sitting around his apartment one day and he asked me, “Hey, can you get my phone from the bedroom?”, so I got his phone for him. A minute passes. “Hey, can you get me a glass of water?”, I got him a glass of water.

Another minute passes. “Hey, can you bring me that pair of socks on top of my dresser?”, I got the socks. The ring was in the socks and he proposed. He actually thought he was being romantic. I thought it was weird AF. It was even weirder when I said “Yes” and yeah, we’ve been married for 10 years now.


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