The New Face Of Wealth: The 17 Youngest Female Billionaires


Kylie Jenner – $900 Million

While this 21-year-old is often thought of as “Kim Kardashian’s younger sister”, she’s standing head and shoulders above her other family members, at least financially.

While she is just a few hundred thousand short of being a billionaire, we thought Kylie deserved a spot on this list because, let’s face it, she will be a billionaire very shortly.

Kylie earned most of her wealth on her own. From her wildly popular cosmetic line to endorsements from brands such as PacSun and Puma, she’s on track to become the youngest, self-made billionaire, beating out Zuckerberg, who wasn’t a billionaire until he was 23!

This lover of all things lip-liner has very low overhead, with only 7 full time employees and mom Kris Jenner, taking a tiny 10% cut, which means Kylie Cosmetics is making money hand over fist.


Marie Besnier Beauvalot – $5.5 Billion

French heiress Marie Besnier Beauvalot was born in 1980 and inherited her money from the family business, the Besnier Group (later renamed to Lactalis), which operates a dairy farm. Older brother Emmanuel operates the company, which earns a hefty $20 billion each year.


At 38 years old, Marie doesn’t have worry about how she and her husband will pay the rent. Her wealth has nearly doubled in the past 3 years due to her brother’s expansion of the family business.


Lee Seo-Hyun – $1.8 Billion

You’ve probably heard of Samsung but had no idea that they had a fashion line. Lee Seo-Hun is president of the fashion line, called C&T, and is the second eldest daughter of the Samsung chairman.


Lee attended the Parsons School of Design in New York and returned to work for Samsung in 2002. In 2015, she was promoted and was told that the company expected her to quintuple company revenue by 2020. Lee developed the popular brand Bean Pole as well as the acquisition of big name Italian leather company Colombo via Della Spiga.

Lee is working hard for her money and at $1.8 billion, it shows.


Ivanka Trump – $1 Billion

Although it is difficult to find out exactly how much the first daughter of the US is actually worth, we do know that her husband, Jared, is worth at least $800 million and earned a minimum of $82 million in 2017 alone. Ivanka in her own right is worth a minimum of $300 million and had income in 2017 of at least $400 million in interest for her share in the Trump International Hotel and Trump business ventures.


No one really knows how much money her father, now President Donald Trump, might have given her to start with, but Ivanka is a shrewd businesswoman in her own right. She owns a fashion line, jewelry line, and numerous real estate ventures.

One thing is certain, at 36 years old, this member of the Trump family has definitely made a name for herself, no matter where her business interests take her.

Tamara & Petra Ecclestone – $4 Billion

Tamara & Petra Ecclestone are the daughters of Bernie Ecclestone, the founder of Formula One racing and other business ventures. Tamara is a well-known socialite and TV personality, with a tremendous Twitter following. Petra is the younger sister, who started a men’s clothing line but discontinued it due to low sales volume.


Both sisters have a net worth of approximately $300 million each, but with dad nearing 87 years of age, it’s only a matter of time before the girls hit the inheritance jackpot.

Petra purchased the former Spelling mansion in Los Angeles in 2011 for $150 million while Tamara lives in a luxurious mansion in London, purchased for $177 million, by her father. 



Amanda Hearst – $2 Billion

Amanda Hearst is the 33-year-old model of media mega-star William Randolph Hearst and niece to Patty Hearst. She is in line to inherit the multi-billion-dollar estate of the Hearst Corporation but has already made her own billion-dollar fortune. Amanda is a model in her own right, gracing the cover of so many magazines it’s almost impossible to track them all! She is also the favorite model of Tommy Hilfiger and an associate editor at the fashion magazine Marie Claire.


Amanda isn’t all about money, however. She started her own foundation called Friends of Finn, which wants to put a stop to puppy mills and the mistreatment of animals.

Charlotte Casiraghi – $1 Billion

Charlotte is the 31-year-old daughter of Caroline Kennedy Casiraghi and granddaughter to Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. Born in Monaco, her father died in a boating accident when she was only 4. Her mother moved the family to France to avoid the media.

This hasn’t stopped Charlotte from staying out of the limelight. She is an avid equestrian and lover of philosophy. She is the patron for several divisions of Public Safety in Monaco and is a published author. She has appeared on television a few times and is often seen at fashion shows and art exhibits around Europe.

Charlotte has had several long-term boyfriends but has yet to marry, although she was spotted in March of 2018 with her boyfriend Dimitri Rassam and was showing off a diamond ring.



Ariana Rockefeller – $2.8 Billion

Everyone has heard of the infamous and super rich Rockefellers. Ariana is the 35-year-old daughter of David Rockefeller, Jr. Some consider the Rockefellers as American Royalty, although Ariana would disagree. She says her father raised her and her sister very strictly and didn’t want them to think they were better than others simply because they had money.

Ariana designs and sells her own brand of clothing and luxurious accessories, including handbags, which she launched in 2016. She has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram and 10,000 plus on Twitter. While Ariana says that family is everything to her, she realizes that some of her ancestors were misguided. She says she is the new generation of Rockefellers and that she wants to change the world.

Serra Sabanci – $1.3 Billion

Serra Sabanci come from one of the most wealthy families in Turkey. The family runs Sabanci Holdings, a financial investment firm. Her father was gunned down outside his office in 1996, causing Serra to become a member of the board of the family business. Serra is 42 and even though she will most likely inherit a great deal more cash in her later years, she is currently a member of the billionaire club.




Dorothy Wang – Honorable Mention

OK, so Dorothy isn’t a billionaire on her own just yet, there is no doubt that if she doesn’t hit the billionaire club with her own line of fake eyelashes, she is heiress to a fortune of more than $3 billion through her business tycoon father, Roger Wang.

Dorothy is often seen on her Instagram feed showing off her latest fashion find or her new product line, which includes the infamous Lilly Lashes, but she says her real interest lies in real estate. Dorothy is one of the original people on the E! network show “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.”

Tory Burch – $1 Billion

American fashion designer Tory Burch might have inherited a bit of seed money from her father, wealthy investor Bud Robinson, but she definitely worked her way to the top. After graduating college, Tory, worked for fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, and fashion designers Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren. Tory finally launched her own fashion label, first as TRB and later as Tory Burch.


Her companies have grown to more than 12 stores, not including her extremely successful online business. Her style sense is preppy/bohemian, but it’s her shoes that made her a household name. A simple pair of ballet flats made Tory famous within months and pushed this self-made designer right into the billionaire’s club.



Sheryl Sandberg – $1.5 Billion

Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook so let’s face it; how could she NOT be a billionaire? Actually, Sheryl was already on her way to the billionaire’s club when she worked for sales and operations at Google. She owns stock in Facebook, Google, and other businesses which have earned her hefty profits to the tune of more than $1.5 billion.


Sandberg is also the author of a bestselling book entitled “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.” She recently released a second book about dealing with grief called Option B, which has sold nearly 3 million copies since April 2017. 

Aerin & Jane Lauder – $4 Billion (Combined)

Aerin and Jane Lauder are the granddaughters of Estee and Joseph Lauder, founders of the fragrance and cosmetics company Estee Lauder.


Jane joined the family business in 1996. She owns 20 million shares in the family business, which gives her a place in the billionaire’s club at a healthy $1.4 billion, not including her salary.

Aerin is slightly older at 48 and began working for the family while she was attending college at the University of Pennsylvania. She owns 16 million shares of Estee Lauder, worth $1 billion, but Aerin also owns her own furniture, perfume, and fashion line, called AERIN, which adds another $1.6 billion to her net worth for a total of $2.6 billion.


Dylan Lauren – $4.6 Billion

Dylan is the daughter of the infamous clothing designer Ralph Lauren. Dylan had no interest in living off her father’s money and started her own candy business in New York. Dylan says that she’s a long time chocolate fan and was inspired by the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory to create her own brand of chocolate bars. Her exclusive brand of chocolate is sold in high end stores such as Neiman Marcus.


She was named one of the Top 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers in 2007 by US Weekly. Dylan has also published her own coffee table book about chocolate in October of 2010. She is actively involved with the ASPCA and recently gave birth to twins. 


Carolyn Rafaelian – $1 Billion

One of America’s richest jewelers, Carolyn is an Armenian American who owns Alex and Ani, a jewelry accessory company she founded in 2004. The name of her company comes from the names of her two daughters.


Carolyn is the granddaughter of Armenian immigrants who made costume jewelry and American flag pins and brooches. The same factory in Rhode Island that her father used is now her bracelet factory.

With $1 billion to her name and a growing empire, this self-made billionaire doesn’t take her wealth for granted. She is investing in real estate, especially in her home state of Rhode Island, where she has purchased homes, land, a vineyard and a castle. Where else would a billionaire want to live but a castle?



Laurene Jobs – $20 Billion

Laurene Jobs is best known as the widow of Apple creator Steve Jobs. In addition to her interests in Apple, Laurene purchased a majority stake in The Atlantic magazine and website. Laurene’s main interest, at least at this time, is her non-profit endeavors, such as the Emerson Collective, which assists students in need and College Track, which helps disadvantaged youth prepare for, attend, and eventually graduate from college.


Lately, Laurene appears to have an appetite for real estate over the past few years, purchasing a mansion in San Francisco for $16.5 million, a plot in Malibu called Paradise Cover for $44 million, a $15.3 million estate in Florida, as well as the lot next door to the Paradise Cove abode for another $16.5 million. 


Abigail Pierrepont Johnson – $17.5 Billion

Abigail Johnson, the richest woman you have probably never heard of, unless you are a Wall Street insider! Abigail is an American businesswoman and the President of largest mutual fund in the world, Fidelity’s Employer Service Company. Although her father is the owner of Fidelity Investments and Fidelity International, Abigail didn’t get a free ride. Her father had her start off answering phones for customer service. Even after graduating from Harvard Business School with an MBA, her father only let her work as a low paid stock analyst.


Abigail’s hard work has definitely paid off, however. Today, her estimated net worth is $17.5 billion. She’s known for working 11 or 12-hour days so perhaps she simply doesn’t have time to spend any of her hard-earned greenbacks?

Welcome to the tight-knit world of young, wealthy women. To previous generations female billionaires might not be a common idea. However in 2018 and beyond, women are being rightfully recognized more and more for their success in the business world, making female billionaires increasingly common.

While it’s true that some were simply lucky enough to be born to wealthy parents, others on this list are completely self-made billionaires.

For all of us “regular” folks, the lives of super wealthy women are always a fascination. Where do they go? What do they do on a day-to-day basis, and, just how wealthy are they?

We lay it all on the line here with our list of young and beautiful, female billionaires.

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