The 10 Most Expensive & Least Expensive: Cities in The World


Can you name the city featured in the image above?

If your guess was Hong Kong, you’re correct. If not, that means you’ve probably never been — and according to the annual Cost of Living Survey by Mercer, that might be a good thing!

Mercer’s annual survey ranked 209 cities based on the cost of living and rental-price comparisons, determining that Hong Kong is the most expensive city (for expats) to live in the world. While there are several predictable “usual suspects” in the top 10, there are also plenty of surprises.

For example, I doubt many readers would have guessed that cities in Angola and Chad would make the list over New York City and Los Angeles.

In addition to the most expensive cities, the Mercer survey also released data for the 10 least expensive cities in the world.

Here’s the Top 10 most expensive:

1. Hong Kong
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Zurich, Switzerland
4. Singapore, Singapore
5. Seoul, South Korea
6. Luanda, Angola
7. Shanghai, China
8. N’Djamena, Chad
9. Beijing, China
10. Bern, Switzerland


And the Top 10 least expensive:

10. Managua, Nicaragua
9. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
8. Minsk, Belarus
7. Tbilisi, Georgia
6. Blantyre, Malawi
5. Karachi, Pakistan
4. Banjul, Gambia
3. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
2. Tunis, Tunisia
1. Tashkent, Uzbekistan (picture below)

How many of these cities, or countries, have you visited? Amongst our editorial staff, we’ve only traveled to six of the 20 cities. Looks like we need to get out of the office more often!

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