The NFL’s Biggest Stars & The Women Behind Them

Aaron Rodgers


As fans of other teams in the NFC North will tell you: never bet against Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was previously dating Olivia Munn for quite some time, and the two of them appeared to be the NFL’s next “power couple.” But after the two split up in 2017, people wondered how that would affect Rodgers. And in vintage Rodgers fashion, he ended up dating someone who is perhaps even more famous: groundbreaking professional racing driver Danica Patrick. The two have been romantically linked since February of 2018.

Peyton Manning


For as famous as Peyton Manning has become, that’s how little the general public knows about his wife, Ashley Thompson. The Memphis native met her future record-setting husband when the two of them were freshmen at the University of Tennessee. The couple got married on St. Patrick’s Day of 2001, but didn’t have children for 10 years after getting married.

They eventually had twin daughters, and a son named Marshall, whom the Manning’s have worked hard to keep out of the spotlight. Thompson made news a few years ago when a report surfaced that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) drugs were being shipped to the Manning’s home; Thompson professed to being the one for whom they were shipped.

Lisa Brown

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