The Top 30 Players in The 2018 World Cup


The World Cup is the biggest stage in football. A player can easily make his name and catch the eyes of the big clubs by performing well in the World Cup as billions of people all over the world witness it. World Cup is known as the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ and rightfully so.

This time, a few big international teams are missing but there are still a lot incredible players who will be playing for their country in the World Cup. Here is a list of the best 30 players who will be playing in the 2018 World Cup.

30. Kalidou Koulibaly: Senegal

The French-born Senegalese international is not yet that popular among people but he is currently one of the best centre-backs of the game. He has been playing his part very well for the past few seasons at Napoli and it earned him the nickname of ‘The Wall’ from his fans. He is a player with great physicality with aerial ability. Koulibaly has been linked for a move to a few giant clubs for the past few years and after the World Cup, the whole world could find out his brilliance.

29. Isco: Spain

The Real Madrid midfielder will be making his debut in the World Cup this year. Isco can be very quick and skillful and can turn the game around very quickly. He has been doing fantastic for Spain leading up to the World Cup and is expected to perform at the tournament.

With players like Xavi, Xabi Alonso and Fabregas missing from the squad this time, he has a big role to play. He has been consistent for the past few seasons for Real Madrid while playing a big part in winning four Champions Leagues in the last five seasons.

One of the best midfielder of this generation, Andres Iniesta is expected to retire from international duty after this World Cup. At the age of 34, he has nothing more to prove and nothing left to win.

Even though he is not as good as he was a few years ago due to his age, he can still contribute greatly to the team. His vision and passing ability are still sharp and can destroy any defense even on their best days. It’s very possible this seasoned veteran flashes some magic once again in the 2018 World Cup.


28. Edinson Cavani: Uruguay

The PSG striker is at the age of 31 and this could be his last World Cup. Cavani is currently one of the best strikers in the world and he’s going through the form of his life. He scored 40 goals last season in all competition and 49 goals in the season before that. Cavani is very quick and his movement off the ball and in the box makes him a constant danger to the opponent. He could be the difference maker for Uruguay in the World Cup alongside teammate Luis Suarez.

27. Andres Iniesta: Spain

One of the best midfielder of this generation, Andres Iniesta is expected to retire from international duty after this World Cup. At the age of 34, he has nothing more to prove and nothing left to win.

Even though he is not as good as he was a few years ago due to his age, he can still contribute greatly to the team. His vision and passing ability are still sharp and can destroy any defense even on their best days. It’s very possible this seasoned veteran flashes some magic once again in the 2018 World Cup.


26. Dele Alli: England

Alli is one of the brightest young talents in the World Cup this year. He is an immensely gifted midfielder who can score goals as well. Alli is a fast player who looks like as if he’s playing as a striker but can track back and defend as well. Other than scoring, he provides assists for his team as well and with Vardy and Kane in front of him, he can tear apart the opposition’s defense. At the age of 22, the World Cup 2018 is going to be his first World Cup.

25. Gabriel Jesus: Brazil

Only at the age of 21, Jesus will be playing for Brazil in the World Cup and is expected to be the next big thing for his country. Jesus is a very talented striker who has been praised by Brazilian legend Ronaldo as a future great.

He has been very successful since he joined Manchester City and proved that he can play as a lone striker, on the wings or even with two strikers up front. Jesus has started the matches for Brazil leading up to the World Cup and performed very well in them.


24. Christian Eriksen: Denmark

The Tottenham attacking midfielder, Christian Eriksen is currently one of the best at his position in the world. He has been performing very well for the last few years for his club and country. Eriksen can make very quick and faultless decision during the game; it helps him greatly to score a few goals as well as helping his teammates to score. He will surely be the trump card in Denmark’s attack in the World Cup.

23. Sadio Mane: Senegal

Mane is undoubtedly one of the best African players in the world right now. Since his move to Liverpool from Southampton, he caught the eyes of people with his lightning fast speed at the wings and ability to score beautiful goals.

He played a vital role in Liverpool reaching the Champions League final last season. He even holds the record for the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League. Sadio Mane is at the peak of his career and he will have to carry his side in the World Cup.


22. James Rodríguez: Colombia

The last World Cup in Brazil was the platform James used to show his brilliance to the world. The world cried when his side was knocked out from the tournament and James broke to tears. James was absolutely fantastic in the last World Cup where he even won the Golden Boot. James has been fantastic since then and performed very well in Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The attacking midfielder will be captaining his side in this World Cup where he’ll be looking to show his ability again.

21. Paul Pogba: France

The world knows the talent and physical gifts that Pogba possesses. We witnessed it in the last World Cup, when he won the ‘Best Young Player Award’. He showed his brilliance many times when he was at Juventus. B

ut since his record-breaking move to Manchester United, he has been quite inconsistent and underperformed possibly because of his defensive duty. But with Kante alongside him at France, he can move up to attack and play in the role he is destined to.

20. Sergio Agüero: Argentina

Every Premier League fan is familiar with Sergio Aguero’s ability to demolish opposing defenders. He is known to be the perfect centre-forward with the ability of passing, being at the right place at the right time and clinical finishing. He has good vision as well which helps him to assist goals as well. Aguero scored 30 goals in 39 appearances for Manchester City last season and is expected to play a vital role for Argentina in the World Cup.

19. Thomas Muller: Germany

The 28-year-old German attacker is known to everyone for his captivating performance in his last two World Cups. He was named the ‘Best Young Player’ and won the ‘Golden Boot’ in the 2010 World Cup.

He also played a crucial part for his side in winning the World Cup 2014 scoring five goals. Thomas Muller is a very intelligent player and an attacking all-rounder who always performs in the big stages. At this age, he’s playing his third World Cup shows how consistent and impressive he truly is.


18. Philippe Coutinho: Brazil

Coutinho is one of those players in Brazil who is known be a sure starter. The attacking midfielder can be very dangerous if he is given space as he has the habit to score stunning goals from distance. In addition, he can provide assists to his teammates and take precise set-pieces. His ball control, dribbling ability and agility is also praiseworthy. Coutinho can perform well even when he is put on the flanks or as the second striker which ensures him game time in both club and country.

17. Sergio Ramos: Spain

The captain of Real Madrid and Spain is one of the best centre-backs in the world. Ramos has the experience and leadership quality to organize his defense line and can lead Spain to glory in this World Cup.

Ramos captained his club to win three Champions Leagues in a row in the last three seasons. He has ability to read the runs of his opponents with fantastic aerial skills that also helps him to score goals. Ramos is a kind of player who is accustomed to perform in the biggest stages. This World Cup could be his last one as a player.


16. Marcelo: Brazil

If someone asks a question of who is currently the best left back in the world, the first person that comes to anyone’s mind is Marcelo. He is a kind of a player who can be very effective while both attacking and defending. Marcelo’s ability to read the game, his passing skills, fantastic crosses and work rate are absolutely astonishing. He is a pure class player which is why he has one of the biggest roles to play for Brazil in the World Cup.

15. Kylian Mbappé: France

Only at the age of 19, Mbappe has made a place in the France National Team that is filled with superstars around Europe. He is expected to be the next big thing in the world of football while sometimes being compared to Theirry Henry.

Mbappe has been very good last season with PSG and is expected to start for France in the World Cup. His quick feet, skills and ability to score make him exception from the other talents. This World Cup will be very important for his career


14. Harry Kane: England

The 24-year-old striker has been named the captain of England for the World Cup 2018. He is arguably the best striker in the Premier League for the last few years. He scored 41 goals in only 48 appearances last season with Spurs.

Kane is a kind of a striker who can score from distance, through heading, one-touch finishes, and absolute stunners. He could finally be the one who takes the World Cup to England which would be the first time since 1966.

13. N’Golo Kante: France

N’Golo Kante is one of the most underrated players in the world. He is like an engine that won’t stop until he intercepts the ball from his opponent. The former PFA Player of the year winner, Kante is often compared to France and Chelsea legend Makalele.

He’s a very hard-working player who can provide the ball up front as well. But with the attacking line-up that France has for the World Cup, he can stay back and concentrate on his defensive duties while the attackers do their jobs having their defensive duties reduced.


12. David De Gea: Spain

There is almost no doubt that De Gea is currently the best goalkeeper in the world right now. He’s a very intelligent player who has the ability to act swiftly in dangerous situations, fantastic diving skills and has a talent in cutting down angle for the opponent to shoot.

He has carried Manchester United in many games by turning into a wall in front of the post. He is rightfully the no.1 keeper for Spain and the perfect man to take Spanish legend Iker Casillas’ place.

11. Luis Suarez: Uruguay

The all-time leading goalscorer of Uruguay could play his last World Cup this year. But at the age of 31, he is still one of the best strikers in the world.

He scored 31 goals last season and provided many assists. Suarez is very intelligent with an extraordinary technical ability. He is a gifted overall footballer and not just a striker, which makes him different than the other top strikers. Suarez has the mentality to do whatever it takes to win, which has previously helped Uruguay in the World Cup.


10. Luka Modrić: Croatia

Modric is known as one of most complete and best midfielders in the world right now. Modric’s passing ability through the opponent’s defense is out of this world. He has the vision to read the play very well and find spaces whenever needed.

He is one of the main reasons for Real Madrid’s success in recent years. Modric’s contribution in both defense and offense can make the difference in a match. He may end up being the best Croatian player ever.


9. Kevin De Bruyne: Belgium

Kevin De Bruyne was the best player of the Premier League winning side Manchester City last season. He has been performing at this level for a few years now. Manchester City broke the record by scoring 106 goals in the league last season and De Bruyne made the biggest contribution with his vision and passing ability.

He is a versatile player who can change the style of play if needed but still be effective. Belgium has a fantastic attack in the World Cup and KDB will have a major part to play in it.


8. Antoine Griezmann: France

The greatness of Griezmann is known to everyone now. With a squad full of talents, Griezmann is one of those who will surely start every game in the World Cup. He can play as the striker and also on the flanks and perform on his level in both positions.

His performance at the Euro 2016 earned him the award for Top Scorer and he was voted the Player of the Tournament. Griezmann showed his consistency throughout the years in both scoring and providing assists and it is expected to continue in the World Cup as well.

7. Robert Lewandowski: Poland

The all-time top scorer of Poland is one of the best strikers of this generation. He is one of those rare clinical finishers who can score with his head and both feet. Lewandowski is strong and quick which makes him the nightmare for the defenders.

He is the main man of Poland and he has lived up to the expectations as he scored 16 goals for Poland in the World Cup qualifiers which is a record. Even at the age of 29, he still managed to score 41 goals last season for Bayern Munich.


6. Toni Kroos: Germany

The 28-year-old German Midfielder is regarded as one of the most successful players of all time as he has won almost every competition he played in. He has won World Cup, domestic leagues, domestic cups and European competitions throughout his career.

Kroos is currently one of the best midfielder of the game as his passing accuracy, vision and ability to set up goals are absolutely incredible. He will be looking forward to win his second World Cup this time and he arguably is the most important player in the German squad for the World Cup.


5. Eden Hazard: Belgium

Belgium has one of the best squads of this World Cup and Eden Hazard is the most important and influential player among them. The captain of the side has been proving that he is among the elites in every season at Chelsea. His dribbling skill, unbelievable agility and sense of the game are just mind-blowing.

He can score important goals but he likes to set-up his teammates to score goals as well. No one doubts his ability to control and influence the game but can he lead his side as the captain is a question in everyone’s minds.


4. Mohamed Salah: Egypt

The season Mohamed Salah had at Liverpool is just astonishing. His ability to score goals, dribble past defenders and pace at the flanks has impressed everyone who watched him play. He not only had an amazing season but also carried his national side to qualify them to the World Cup after 28 years.

The whole nation of Egypt along with many of his fans prayed for his quick recovery after his injury in the Champions League final. Luckily, he has recovered and will be playing in the World Cup. After an amazing season, he will be boosting with confidence to take his side through to the knockout stages of the World Cup.

3. Neymar: Brazil

Neymar is the focal player of the amazing Brazil team in the World Cup 2018. He is certainly one of the few best players in the world right now and at the peak of his career. In the last edition of the World Cup, he had a vicious injury which ruled him out from the Semi-finals of the World Cup.

But this time, he is coming back from injury and very hungry to win. If he can win the World Cup with Brazil this time, then that would make him the leading candidate for the Ballon d’Or this year.


2. Lionel Messi: Argentina

Lionel Messi is the heart and soul of the Argentine National team. He is surely one of the best players in the history of football, but he has never been able to win an International trophy for his country. Argentina has one of the deadliest attacks in the World Cup but somehow all the responsibilities fall on Messi’s shoulder in every International competition.

Messi was fabulous in the last World Cup when he won the ‘Golden Ball’ and took his team to the final where they lost to Germany at Extra time. This time could be Messi’s last chance to finally win the biggest trophy in football for his country.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal

The captain of Portugal has led his national team to European glory in 2016 and will surely aim to win the World Cup this time. Portugal currently has a few young talents in the team but the team is still very weak compared to other big names.

While, Ronaldo may have lost some (but not much) of his speed and agility with his age but his experience and sense of the game can widely help his team in the World Cup. The current Ballon d’Or holder has had an illustrious career in both club and country but failed to win the World Cup and this could be his last chance.

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