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The Worst NFL Draft Pick Every Year Since 2000


It’s often said that the NFL Draft is more of an art than a science. After all, you have to combine a bunch of data (a player’s height, weight, speed, strength, etc) with a bunch of totally subjective observations (game film, playing style, college scheme), and then use all of that to determine if the player will be successful in the NFL. It’s not exactly the easiest process. That’s why guys like quarterback JaMarcus Russell somehow end up being taken as the #1 overall pick, and guys like Tom Brady end up being selected with the 199th pick.

With that in mind, we decided to go back and look through each NFL Draft since 2000, and determine the worst selection in each of those years. The guys that NFL teams went all in on, and totally missed on that pick. As an extra bonus, we’ve included a few “Honorable Mentions” at the end of this list. Without further delay, here are The Worst NFL Draft Picks Every Year Since 2000. Click the next button to get started!

Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper

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