Walmart Employees Reveal The Strangest Things They’ve Ever Seen at Work


As the world’s largest discount retail store, Wal-Mart employs more people than any other company in America. Although there can be some perks to working for the biggest retailer on earth, there are also a lot of negatives. Workers constantly report low wages and bad working conditions.

It’s also no secret that Wal-Mart tends to attract the weirdest of customers, regularly. Sadly for them, the employees are often stuck dealing with these people on a daily basis. Luckily for us many of them have taken to the internet to share their most ridiculous workplace stories with the world.

Here’s what those Wal-Mart employees say are the strangest things they’ve ever seen at work…

1. A lady sternly lecturing a shampoo bottle


Worked at Walmart for 3 years. Aside from the usual weird people, the one that sticks out to me was this obese black lady who comes in almost daily, scooters around, and randomly yells at products. I saw her sternly lecturing a shampoo bottle.  I don’t know what the shampoo bottle did to make her so angry! She also shouts at candy the most often though.

She’s always pretty chipper when talking with people, but some inanimate objects just really gets her goat I guess.


2. Free Honey from a Bumblebee!


Walmart was my first job at 18, and as with most new employees, I got stuck with the crappy third shift for the first few months. As a cashier on third shift, my job was mostly to stay awake and zone my area. Staying awake was almost never an issue, though, because at precisely 1:30am “The Bumblebee” would arrive.

“The Bumblebee” was an old, old, old woman wearing a bumblebee costume. Stinger, wings and everything. She would always just buy honey and give it to random customer for FREE. She would do it almost everyday. I wonder if she’s just rich and wants to share her blessings or she’s just bored or what.

3. A drunk guy turned his horse into unicorn


When I started at Walmart, they stuck me in the liquor section. That was fine once I got used to the regulars, like the guy who would dump an entire bag of change on the counter and ask “How much do I have? How much can I get?” and would sometimes ride his bike into and through the liquor store because he “didn’t feel like stopping.”

There’s also this guy too who would ride his horse up to the liquor store to buy his 99 Bananas and then ride home. The strange thing  though is that his horse was modified to look like a unicorn, with the horn and rainbow colored tail. I always felt bad for the horse because it looked miserable and tired, but I guess the guy’s license had been taken away years before so riding a horse is the way to go if you’ve gotten one too many DUIs.

4. Good Scam Ruined


I worked maintenance there. One day I was out retrieving carts, when loss prevention called out for help. My coworker caught our pharmacist stealing a bottle of dish detergent. He struggled. Hard. Way harder than the situation called for. During the struggle, the pharmacists jacket came off and numerous pill bottles scattered across the parking lot.

It turns out that he had been stealing prescription pills for “personal use” as well. He ruined a really good scam by trying to steal a $2 bottle of dish soap!

5. Not the type of “rock” customers were looking for.


My mom worked at Walmart for about a year. She actually liked it as it forced her to be more physically active, but she decided to quit after the jewelry department manager had a meltdown and started throwing jewelry at customers. One old lady got pelted in the head with a heavy ring box and it was over.

Turns out the manager was selling the jewelry to friends and family, but would keep the boxes and stuff them with rocks and trash so inventory would stay the same. She had the meltdown before she was caught.

6. I’ve just seen Spongebob without underwear!


I worked in a Wal-Mart neighborhood market in Tennessee. One day a heavy storm rolled in as I was pushing carts. As I was pushing in my last row, I saw a man walking towards the entrance, and since it was raining it looked like he was wearing a white suit with yellow polka dots.

I go inside, turns out it’s a very thin spongebob onesie. Unfortunately he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Needless to say, it was not a very good day for my eyes.

7. A woman returned stained panties


I’ll start with my grossest: A woman comes in with some panties, said they didn’t fit and she wanted to return them for cash because she had already bought the correct size elsewhere. She had a receipt and plopped a Walmart bag down on the counter. Inside this bag were 6 crusty crotched, stained panties that were a biohazard from six feet away. Needless to say I did not touch them.

I paged the manager on duty and he tells me to just TAKE THEM BACK despite being very nasty. Processed the return and she happily left the store with her $8.

8. Don’t be fooled by my long, pony-tailed hair

I used to get catcalled all the time while working at WalMart. I worked in the produce section, stacking shelves so I always bent over while wearing a green apron with my hair up in a ponytail. It was super annoying but there was a silver lining to it all…

The look on a guy’s face when I turn around from stocking shelves and he realizes I’m a dude. I’ve been “miss’d, mam’d, darlin’d, hey hot stuff’d”, you name it. It always ends the same way: embarrassment.

9. Customer’s surprise for my coworker. Oops!


I worked at Walmart a few years ago. I didn’t have any issues with the customers, but one of my co-workers had a pretty bad prank pulled on him.

A customer took some mouse traps and hid them at the back of one of the shelves. This poor coworker unknowingly reached in and got his hand snapped in it. I’ll never forget his reaction – I’ve never heard a man scream so loud.

10. Who needs new remote when you can afford a new TV


My favorite was the guy who came in and said “I lost the remote so I need a new TV.” I asked him if the TV was broken. It wasn’t, he just lost the remote and didn’t want to bother finding it, so he wanted a new TV.

I showed him our selection of Universal Remotes. He responded with “but then I’d have to program it. The new TV comes with a programmed remote.”

So I sold the guy a 50 inch TV.

11. Oops! It wasn’t ice cream!

I worked at WalMart as a cart pusher. Anyways, it was almost closing time and I ended up helping a customer take out some merchandise. Right behind the customer service desk/exit doors was what appeared to be the top of a chocolate ice cream swirl sitting on the ground. I assumed it fell off someones ice cream cone from McDonalds. I holler that I’ll be right back to clean it up.

I get back inside and noticed this ice cream has not melted one bit. Curiosity got the best of me so I decided to lean down and get a whiff of it just to confirm it was ice cream. It was not ice cream. Someone some how managed to drop a dookie right in plain view with an ice cream swirl shape.

That was 10 years ago and it still blows my mind to this day.

12. Got Pregnant by a ball


I was a cashier at Walmart for a year. One of the strangest looking customers I encountered was a man who liked to dress in women’s clothing. He was a big burly guy with a full bushy beard and very hairy legs but he seemed to prefer wearing stuff that was way too tight or short.

His favorite outfit was a dress with a basketball underneath to make himself look pregnant. And sometimes he would push a baby stroller around with a fake baby in it.

13. Fresh Breath Bob


Okay, I worked for WalMart for 5 years. In that time I met lots of strange, funny, interesting people. The one that stands out to me the most is a guy that I affectionately nicknamed “Fresh Breath Bob.”

He would come in and steal/buy as much mouthwash as he could carry to the end of the parking lot and proceed to drink it all. He would get hammered and belligerent but his breath was… just.. so fresh.

14. An oversized marshmallow wearing a rubber band


I worked at a Walmart in Plano, TX. I was working in clothing department and a woman came into the store wearing only a string bikini. This alone would not have been the strangest thing, but she was about 5’4 and 300lbs. Not just that, but her complexion was stark white! The “bathing suit” she was wearing made it look like a rubber band stretched to the breaking point around an over-sized marshmallow.

Not just that, whenever girls would insist I bring them things too small and then walk out in them all I could picture was a busted can of biscuits.

15. It’s PEErfume!


One day, a woman stole a bottle of perfume and took it to the bathroom. She poured it out into her own container and then proceeded to fill the container with her own urine. She then took the bottle up to returns and tried to return it.

To this day I have no idea why my manager gave her the refund. It was very obvious that the woman peed in the bottle because it was still warm.

16. She just can’t hold it anymore!


I worked in Walmart as a maintenance guy. So I was cleaning the bathroom near the back of the store, and a woman asked me to stop mopping so she could use the bathroom. I told her I couldn’t let her in because the floor was wet but she could use the bathroom near the front of the store. She went to the infants’ clothing department and relieved herself right on the floor.

She also managed to hide her face from the camera the entire time so we couldn’t even identify her to press charges.

17. Meet SpiderFAT!


I was working in toys department. One night, this fat guy walked up to me with a cheap little Spider-Man mask and said something along the lines of “Beware, for I am the SpiderFat. Do not tingle my fat senses.” Not just that, he also said “If you want to be a SpiderFat like me, just to let me know, I can give you a bite for free!”

Then he calmly walked away and went about his business. It was probably the strangest interaction I’ve ever had in my entire life. I’ll never forget my boy, SpiderFat!

18. Easiest way to cure blindness


I worked in grocery as a stocker. We had just finished a cereal display near the front of the store compiled of about 100 boxes. In comes an older lady, around 60, driving one of the electric carts. She’s charging dead on at the display and promptly rams into the thing.

Boxes go everywhere and she starts apologizing over and over and explains that she’s legally blind. A customer that was nearby and saw everything asked her how she drove here if she was blind. She responded by quickly turning around and leaving the store. The whole thing was so funny I couldn’t even be mad.

19. Best way to get a FREE Ham!


I worked at Walmart for about three months. In that time, there was a fat lady trying to steal a ham by putting it between her legs this thanksgiving.

We caught her, but our manager didn’t want the ham back. The lady doesn’t have money to pay for it, so we ended up giving it to her for free.

20. These guys just wanted to play Legos


2 drunk guys came in one night around 2am and went to the food section got a couple boxes of cheez-its, a case of Dr. Pepper, and Beef Jerky. Then went to the toy section and sat in the floor playing with the toys. Then opened a box of City Legos (firehouse set) and attempted to put it together. By the time the police showed up they were half way through building the set. Before they were taken into custody, they gave my manager $200 for any damages and another $100 to keep their Lego set, because they would need something to do in jail for the night. That was a fun night.

Best part is my manager didn’t wanna call the cops but did just to cover base. He let them sit there for about 45 min before he called the cops. The guys just wanted to build them some legos.

21. Not the guy I thought he was…


I lived close enough to work to go home for lunch. On the way back from lunch one day I turned off the highway onto the feeder street in front of Walmart. Suddenly, an SUV came barreling out of nowhere, blows through a stop sign, cuts me off, and speeds into Walmart parking lot.

He pulls up to the front and parks. Not in a parking space; literally in front next to the entrance doors. I park and start walking in to clock in, anxious to see the maniac behind the wheel. Out steps a dude with no shirt, wearing shorts and high heels. He went straight to the tobacco checkout, gets cigarettes and leaves.

22. The customer accidentally played a nasty adult video


I worked in the cell phone area of the Walmart in my home town for about 3 years during high school and I have many stories but this one takes the cake. A man came in and said his phone wasn’t working. I took it from him and and plugged it in to charge it. It turned on but the battery was on fire. I look at his notifications bar and see the little download symbol. I pull it down and I see the most horrifying thing ever.

He was in the middle of downloading 30+ of the nastiest adult videos I have ever heard of. I tell him that those were the issues and he needed to uninstall them because I did not want to touch his phone anymore than I already did.

He complies and starts to uninstall them. He then shows me his phone because one of them wasn’t going away. Turns out he accidentally pressed that one and it started to play about 3 inches from my face.

23. We just helped a thief without us knowing


This one time while working in electronics department, this dude came up to one of my coworkers and said he cut himself on one the displays, and that he needed medical attention. We threw a off-brand band-aid on his cut, and sent him on his way.

A couple hours later, I noticed something wedged in-between two of the displays, and I pulled it out. It was an empty prepaid phone case with a large slit down the side of the plastic mould and a blood stain on the exposed cardboard packaging. Turns out the guy had cut his hand open while stealing one of our phones, and had the audacity to ask us for help.

24. Pinky Guy


I was dept Manager of hardware and paint. Anyways the guy who always stocked my area was named bill. Bill was an older guy but a hard worker and always left my departments looking nice. So I always made it a point to be nice to him and give him positive feedback.

Anyways I show up early one day and I see Bill show up for work on a pink bedazzled bicycle wearing pink clothes with a pink ribbon on his head, and everything pink from head to toe. He even had a milk crate he had spray painted pink on the back seat.

I never asked him about it and still continued to treat him the same. The rumor was he was more or less homeless by choice and his wife had died from cancer so that was the deal with all pink. No idea how true it was. I was just grateful he did his job and made my life easier.

25. Gotta catch em all!


I used to be a Manager in Meat/Seafood Department at Walmart. Once, a customer got all of our lobsters (you don’t have to pay for them at the seafood counter), and released the lobsters in the toy aisle. So I had no choice but to catch 6 lobsters with no bands on their claws. You can’t sell fresh seafood once it has been taken away from the counter.

Officially: I wrote them out of inventory, and disposed of them as required in the play book. Reality: So, I steamed all 6. My employees ate like kings that night.

26. A punch for a Game Console


Xbox 360 was really hot during my Walmart days to give you some idea of how long ago this was. They were vanishing off store shelves pretty fast around the holidays. So this kid, probably about 8 or 9, has the last one. He’s so excited about it that he doesn’t want to put it in his parent’s cart, he wants to hold onto it.

A dude walks up to the kid, punches him in the face, and grabs the Xbox. He books it up to a register, pays for it as fast as possible, and runs out of the store. I honestly couldn’t believe someone would do that.

27. Not just a Fresh Fish! But alive too!


I worked near the pet department and would help this old, mentally ill woman get a bag of those tiny guppies about twice a week. Never thought much of it. Until one day when I saw her on the other end of the store eating the live fish from the plastic bag.

Needless to say she didn’t get her any more fish after that. There are some scary people out there, folks.

28. Germ-o-phobe Lady


As a cashier – there was this one lady who came in every so often who must have been a serious germ-o-phobe. She was covered head to toe in clothes, including 3-4 layers of latex gloves, one of those face-mask things surgeons have, and a thick pair of goggles. She never spoke a word, and would always buy 2-3 carts completely filled with 1-gallon bottles of water.

When it came time to pay, she showed me her credit card number for me to type in (presumably because of germs she didn’t want to swipe it), and she carefully peeled off and threw away one layer of her gloves along with the receipt once the transaction ended.

Very odd. Later I saw her outside, washing her shoes off with one of the bottles.

29. When you did everything just to get fired


I’m Former Walmart employee. Not nearly as weird as some of these, but I watched a disgruntled employee spear 5-6 large TVs with the forklift-like picker used to pull pallets off the top shelves in the back. He said he was sick of the job and had done everything he could think of to get fired, but wasn’t having any luck.

It was near Christmas, and they apparently needed people so badly he didn’t get fired over this either. After coming back from a talk with the manager, he finished his shift (now banned from using anything bigger than a pallet jack), and when his shift was over he said “F— it, I’m not coming back, if that didn’t get me fired I don’t know what will.”

30. RIP Replay Button!


So I work as janitor and I got paged to the chemicals isle for a spill. I go take a look and someone dropped a full thing of detergent on the floor, so I go and grab a mop. Right as I’m coming back with the mop going around the corner a not-so-skinny lady starts slipping in it, followed by her cart falling on top of her.

The lady is then stuck in the middle of the puddle of detergent trying to get her cart off her and get up. It was hard to hold my laughter after that. So I call a manager and we ask her if she saw the spill and she explained how she thought she could “lift her cart around it and get by” and demanded we give her new clothes. We ended up just giving her a cheap shirt and pants to shut her up.

Needless to say the next hour of the shift was spent in the security room with my manager rewatching the video of her falling down again and again. Walmart sure attracts some weird people.

31. Thanks Google for the proof


Had a women come in wanting to print photos, but she was convinced that our machines weren’t safe and that she would be hacked again. I asked if she was hacked before and that released the almighty conspiracy rant about how this Indian man was hacking her and posting her stuff online.

She also claimed to have photos of this man and his wife. She printed off those photos as “proof” for the police. The photos where stock images from Google.

32. Returned an empty bottle, and gets his full refund


Guy comes in with a receipt, asks for a return on his open, empty Powerade bottle. He seemed a little agitated over the whole thing, so we asked what the issue with it was. He said “I heard on the news last night that Coca Cola bottled their drinks with lots of chemicals, and that there was cyanide in Powerade. I was drinking it, and I could taste the cyanide, and I began to panic, so I dumped the rest down the sink.

100% refund issued, plus he got a little write-up on the staff bulletin board, and became affectionately known as “Cyanide Guy.”

33. Money Matters!


I was working register around 11:30 at night. I gave a lady her change and she threw it on the floor. I ask her why she threw it on the floor and she told me she wanted any children in the store to pick it up and fight over the money.

I told her that there are no children around because it’s so late, and that maintenance would clean it up anyway. She told me to just leave it on the ground and tell the maintenance not to clean it up or else she will sue us for stealing.

34. “There’s no such thing as giants”


I was working as a cashier at the time. An angry young man comes up behind me and says: “There’s no such thing as giants.” I replied “I’m sorry?”. “There’s no such thing as giants!!” He angerly says again and points over to a novelty over-sized lawn chair that can comfortably seat 2 people. “Oh” I’m not sure if he’s joking or not so I try to defuse the situation with humor, “I don’t know, I’ve seen some people in my time, haha.” He repeats the same line a few times, each time louder than the next, getting angrier and angrier.

He then runs over the the giant lawn chair display and knocks it over and tears some doggy sweaters off their hanger. Then he crouches over with his fingers in his ears and begins screaming at the top of lungs. For about thirty second this continues until his begins to reaffirm his grasp on reality, quiets down then leaves without a word. I shrug it off pretty easily as wacky stuff like that happened a couple times a week.

35. Tiramisu Containers Per Favore!


During my one summer working at Walmart, I was approached by a man in his mid-50s who asked where he could find “tiramisu containers.” I never heard of such a specific item, so I asked if he wanted Tupperware and walked with him to the aisle where they could be found. Along the way, he proceeded to say the most stereotypical Italian phrases: “Bene!’” “Bravo!,” “Mamma Mia!,” etc. When we arrived, he thanked me and gave me his card; it was plain white with ONLY his name and address. We were invited to his house for, “music, tiramisu, and ROMANCE!” (we didn’t go). He then bought 30 Tupperware containers.

A month later, while stocking, a strange Italian accent behind me told me to, “Stick my hands up!” This same guy returned and wanted to know where he could find “tiramisu containers.” I asked if he wanted Tupperware and he proceeded to buy 30 more. I still wonder why.

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