What Is the Funniest Thing You Have Witnessed Your Significant Other Do?


Being in a relationship often means that you have to take your partner as they are. You’ll have to tolerate their bad habits just as much as you appreciate the good ones. Sometimes though, their good and bad traits intertwine and leave us with some of the most hilarious moments in our relationship.  From stinky farts to full-scale conversations while sleeping, the people in this article have gone through it all. Here are the funniest things people have witnessed their significant others doing.


51.  The Secret to A Happy Marriage is Farts


My husband once farted so hard that he woke himself up, then angrily told me not to touch his “back hole” while he’s trying to sleep. I was shocked for a second-he never raises his voice, and he definitely did then- but I started laughing so hard that I thought I was going to pee.

I really had no idea what made him think that I was touching his him. Maybe he was dreaming that someone was tickling his butt with a feather that made him fart so hard. I currently have a count sheet of how many times my husband has farted on me. It’s currently at 56 and all have been in his sleep.


50. Silly Magical Jokes


Every so often, my husband will crack the silliest, dorkiest joke. They’re magically lame enough that he cracks up and ends up in tears. When he eventually winds down he rubs his eyes and sighs and say: “Ohh, I made myself laugh.”

Another silly time was when I asked him to answer my phone and tell my driver instructor I’ll be out in a minute and he went “Hi, this is Princess, Blah blah’s WIFE. She’ll be out soon.” Needless to say, when I met my instructor he asked me how my wife was doing. It’s just the cutest.


49. “Didn’t You Read the Briefing?”


My husband talks in his sleep a lot, but my favorite is when he rolled over and told me, “Not to go out there, the bad guys are out there and we need a plan.” I played along and said, “What kind of bad guys?”,  to which he sighed and said, “Didn’t you read the briefing?”

I said, “No, I never read them. I just freestyle it.” And he just sighed, rolled over again, and started snoring. It was one of those moments that made me burst into laughter throughout the night. I think he was about to shoot people in his dream.


48. The Dancing Shopper


We were grocery shopping and split up to tackle the list. I was done with my items and was looking down each aisle to find my wife. I reached the cereal aisle and there she was staring at cereals and dancing, by herself, with nobody else in the aisle.

She was doing like a jazz-hands type thing while shimmying back and forth with this dead-serious look on her face, trying to figure out what to buy. I had no idea such a creature existed. All I know is I could not stop laughing at how weird and adorable it all was.


47. Is That Lipstick?


I was in the bathroom and had propped my foot up on the tub to put in a tampon. I had just finished putting it in and was taking out the bright, glossy, purple applicator when he came in the bathroom. He got this horrified look on his face and I just figured it was a dumb “Oh my! Eww gross period!” man-thing.

But then he blurts out, “Are you putting lipstick in your vag??” I slowly finished pulling out the applicator, with a perturbed look on my face, and tossed it in the trash. He just said “Oh” and walked out.


46. He Was Cute Until…


Back when we first started dating, I went to his place late after a closing shift and found him fast asleep in the fetal position, pajama-clad, hands tucked under his chin like a Precious Moments figurine.

I barely had time to “Aww!” before he ripped a huge fart, then thrust his hand down his pants to stroke his private parts a couple of times, completely unconscious, just destroying the moment I had walked in on.


45. Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair


My husband once got stuck on the roof in sub-zero temperatures for over four hours. He is deathly afraid of heights but he wanted to put up the Christmas lights for our then-four-year-old son. We didn’t have a ladder, so he just climbed the brick, put up the lights and then got too scared to come down.

I came home after picking my son up from school and found him frozen half to death. I had to go around the neighborhood, knocking on doors, until I found someone with a tall enough ladder. My husband was so relieved to be down that he accidentally told our neighbor that he was “his hero.” I called him Rapunzel for a while after that incident.


44. A Wealth of Sleepy Wonder


Oh, mine is a wealth of sleepy wonder! My significant other once rolled over and woke me up to ask, “Have you ever really thought about length? Why is 15 more than 30?”. Another night, shortly after watching The Last Jedi, he promised me, “You can borrow the lightsaber, sure, but you HAVE to give it back.”

Most recently, as I was leaving for work early, I woke him up to give him a kiss and mentioned that he was all wrapped up. He told me with the sincerity and earnest of a man who truly believed it that “When I wake up, I’ll be a beautiful butterfly!!”. I love that weirdo.


43. The Interpretive Dancer


My husband is a super-duper reserved kind of guy. I always say “He’s so wholesome. He sparkles.” He doesn’t put himself forward in any way and likes to blend in with the background. We are in our 40’s by the way, so that makes this even more funny to me.

So it’s Christmas night and we’re back home from the folks’ house. He’d gotten a set of black, skin-tight, thermal underwear from his mother. I’m in the living room putting out my new candle holders when he bursts into the room in his new long underwear and does this completely obscene and pants-pissingly hilarious interpretive dance for me. In our near-decade of marriage, I’d never seen him do anything remotely close to it. And my God, it was HYSTERICAL. Just thinking about it sets me off laughing.


42. Captain Owl


So, a little bit of backstory, I absolutely love owls, and for Christmas my family got me a child’s owl blanket; the kind where the whole thing is bright pink, the hood is an owl face and it has little pockets to put your hands in to make it look like you have wings.

A little while ago, I was taking off my make up to get ready for bed, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of pink. I looked over and there he was, running around in nothing but his boxers and my owl blanket, pretending to fly and making what I assume was meant to be “owl sounds.” He is usually so sensible that even thinking about it now it cracks me up!


41. The Giant Deuce


My husband destroyed our toilet. He dropped a way bigger deuce than the 100-year-old plumbing in our house could handle, then he bought an industrial-sized (not a residential-sized) toilet auger in an attempt to unclog the pipe. He snaked the auger all the way through the toilet and it got stuck. I called in a plumber, and both the plumber and his trainee went to work trying to pull the thing out.

I heard a bunch of banging and cussing, and finally, both of them came out of the bathroom drenched in sweat. The toilet auger was still sticking out of the bowl. The plumber looked absolutely defeated, and said, “This isn’t going to work. You have to start over.” We only have one bathroom, so I went down to Home Depot that day and got a new toilet. We had our toilet sitting on our lawn with this giant pole sticking out of it for a couple of days until we could get it hauled off.


40. Stunt Biker


When we first got married, my sister-in-law was only about five. She left her bicycle at the top of the driveway and my husband thought it would be funny (a genuine hold my beer babe moment) to ride it to the bottom. Did I mention that the driveway was at a 60-degree angle? There he is, a grown man, careening down a hill on a pink bike.

He did pretty well until he hit a bump. His legs flew up in the air, and he and the bike started rolling sideways down the yard. It looked like he was hugging the damn thing. He landed on his back, rolled the bike up on its wheels, rolled back on his back, and did this several times. I couldn’t breathe well enough to even ask if he was okay, I was laughing so hard. When I wheezed out a touch of concern, his only reply was a long stuttering groan. He didn’t hurt anything but his pride.


39. Encouraging Texts


When my partner and I first started dating, we went out for dinner with one of my friends. Said friend ordered this ice cream nacho thing, then asked me to help her finish it. I’m lactose intolerant but totally didn’t think about it. Anyway, on the train ride to his place, I start getting rumbles in my tumbles. I then realize how badly I screwed up.

So we get to his place, and I run to the bathroom. I take the biggest loudest poop I have ever taken and I’m mortified. Then he texts my phone “I know you poop. but I’ve never HEARD you poop before. Work it girl.”


38. Get The Poop Out


My wife had never had a pet before we started dating, but she soon became obsessed with my cat. But other than sometimes feeding and brushing him, she never had to do some of the other tasks that come with cats – namely, getting the poop out of the litter box.

One day, I had a bad flu and asked her to scoop the box. I hear her from the other room screaming “Ew, it’s so gross.” I go into the room and see her crouched by the box, wearing a sandwich bag as a form of glove. She had been trying to pick up the pieces individually when the scoop was literally on the floor right next to the box, maybe six inches from her. She got really mad at how hard I was laughing.


37. Pretending I’m Asleep


My husband is not supposed to eat in our bed. On a night that I had gone to bed before him, I was facing one way and he came in and got in bed and was facing the other (we were back to back). I guess he thought I was asleep because he was eating chicken wings. I felt and heard a light thump, and felt him slowly and quietly roll over to see if it had “woken me up.” 

This mug literally dropped a chicken wing in the bed and his life flashed before his eyes so he rolled over to see if I knew. I debated on whether or not I should’ve turned over and fussed, but it was too funny. I just let him think I was sleeping.


36. The Best Relationships Are Built on Trust and Farts


My significant other and I met because we were neighbors in an apartment building. Before moved in together, she would go to her place to do “her business.” One of the first nights we were living together, she went to the bathroom and let out a huge fart.

I happened to be in the kitchen right outside the door and yelled: “I heard that!” She yelled “Goddammit!!!” and we both died in uncontrollable laughter. We’ve farted comfortably in front of each other ever since.


35. Pocket Full Of Sunshine


I came home to my wife frantically tearing apart the house looking for her phone. She had been looking for the past 40 minutes she said, so I started helping her look for it. After another 30 minutes of looking, I’m in the closet moving stuff around when my wife comes in to help, bends over for something on the floor and I see her phone sticking out of her back pocket.

I start howling with laughter. Like I can’t breathe because I’m laughing so hard. She is clueless and looking at me like I have lost my damn mind as I’m doubled over laughing. So I calm down a bit, told her to check her pockets and the look on her face when she feels her phone was priceless. I still tell her to check her pockets when she doesn’t know where her phone is.


34. “Sorry, Should I Leave?”


My boyfriend fell asleep before me last night, while I was playing a video game. I realized a roach (palmetto bug) had been on my sweater and I felt it crawl up my neck. I loudly freaked out and stripped bare, trying to find it; when it ran out of my jacket, a high-speed chase with a shoe took place.

He slept through all of this until I cornered it, smashed it with my shoe several times and said loudly, naked, with shoe in hand, “To come here means certain death!”, to which he half woke up, squinted at me, and goes “Sorry, should I leave?”


33. Bags Of Cheetos


My fiancee swore up and down he hadn’t been eating in our bed, but I suspected it due to crumbs. He blew me off and denied it every time until I wanted to clean our large blankets and comforter. To do that, I asked him that we take them to the nearby laundromat so we can do all the bulky stuff in one go.

So he stuffs it all in the basket, gets it there, fluffs it out to put in the washer and like five whole bags of Cheetos fall out in front of all the people around us. And he’s still denying it after five whole bags of evidence was found.


32. When Husbands Go Grocery Shopping


We ran out of toothpaste one evening, so my husband took a quick trip to the supermarket (less than 5 minutes away) to get some more. He returned an hour later having spent around $150. He bought items including a saucepan, a jigsaw puzzle, candy, striped face clothes and more – NONE of which we needed.

And guess what? There was NO toothpaste! I asked him why he bought those unnecessary things and forgot the most important one; his answer was “Because they’re on sale.” These days I do all the grocery shopping.


31. She Wants To Move Me


This was early on when dating my now wife. For some reason, she was trying to pull me up off the couch. Now I’m fairly big, and she had no chance of moving me; it was like pulling on a man-sized boulder. She’s tugging on my arm as hard as she can and loses her grip. She starts to stumble backward and her feet get tangled right away.

All of this culminates in her doing a full backflip and landing on her butt. After a half second assessment to make sure she wasn’t seriously hurt, I started laughing and continued to for a solid 10 minutes. After the initial shock, she thought it was funny too. It still makes me smile.


30. Pissing Machine


Yesterday morning, I woke up to my boyfriend (who was either asleep or still incredibly drunk from the night before) peeing in my laundry basket. When I asked him what he was doing he looked really confused, then really sad, then sort of indignantly said, “I’m just trying to do the right thing!”

I was kind of pissed at first when he got upset at me for asking him to stop, especially since I had just woken up. Then I just started cracking up and I pretty much haven’t stopped laughing about it since. I can barely look him in the eye without having to stifle intense giggles.


29. Ready To Fight


Today when we were walking to work (separate buildings in downtown), I stopped to freak out because there was a bee swooping out of seemingly nowhere and hovered right in front of my face. I’m not afraid of bees, but I’m afraid of getting stung.

My husband immediately got into this fighting position. I told him that it was just a bee and he replied with “I know. I was ready!”, in a super loud voice, and in front of many people. All this happened at 8 in the morning. Fun times, lol.


28. Combo Wombo


We went to Universal Studios and we got to the Jurassic Park section where the T-Rex is standing over the jeep. Without any warning or instigation, she got in the “T-Rex pose” by shortening her arms and hunching over, and slowly walked towards me waving her arms saying “I’m gonna getcha!”

The best one was when my girlfriend was driving, she sneezed, hit the break, hit her head on the steering wheel setting off the horn, a fart escaped, and she peed a little, all at once. I’ve never laughed so damn hard. I married her.


27. The Haunted Maze Date


My wife and I went through a haunted maze. Complete with dead ends, false turns, strobe lights and was otherwise pitch black; it was both of our ideas of fun. Cue the chainsaw noise behind us. She pushed me towards the sound and booked it. I found it funnier than anything, but what was even better was watching a dark shrouded figure pull away from the wall and go after her. I’m trying hard not to laugh and give him away while keeping up.

Eventually, she feels safe; I see her stop and hear a very loud. “Oh god please hurry up there’s someone in front of me.” The actor says “Someone behind you, too!” I watched her jump at least a foot up into the air and trip before high-tailing it. I nearly pissed myself laughing. It was the best haunted house memory to date.


26. Sleep Walking and Talking


One night, he woke up and started talking about intruders. I was sleeping. He was being really loud and for some reason rummaging through drawers in the kitchen. When I finally got fed up, I went over and asked my sleepy husband what he was doing in the drawers. He said, “Intruders!”

So, I did what any sensible woman who has a job to get to in the morning would: I put my arm around his shoulders and said, “You got ‘em, babe.” And led him back to bed. He immediately relaxed and said, “I did?” “Yep. You got ‘em.” Then we both slept until morning.


25. Third Party Cat


I walked in on my boyfriend being sweet to his cat. He was laying in bed and his cat was on his chest. My boyfriend was holding his cat’s little front paws and singing, “I will kiss you on your cheeks, I will kiss you on your feets.”

I opened the door wider and he and his cat just turned their heads in shock. I guess he was cheating on me with the cat, and it was the cutest thing ever. Haha! I still sing him that song sometimes!


24. Never Set The Curtain Right


He always was a jerk to me about falling in the bathroom because I never set the curtain right. Water would get all over the floor. So one day, he decided to shower with me, and he set the curtain the “correct” way but had to hop out to answer a call.

As soon as he set one foot on the tile floor, it was like he was on a slip and slide. He was flailing and hitting everything. The counter, the door, and suddenly, BAM, bare butt met tile floor. My God, I was laughing so hard at karma biting him in the butt, almost literally. He turned so red at the realization and my laughing wasn’t helping. He muttered to never mention it and went on his way. And he never bothered me about the curtain again.


23. Don’t Mess with the Duck


One day, the two of us went to a local pizza joint and were waiting for our order to be ready. My girlfriend got bored and decided to have her own little adventure. You see, there was this duck across the parking lot nibbling on some pizza crust. My girlfriend decided she was going to sneak up on the duck for god only knows what. I watch on as she crouches down behind a bush, and then inches toward the duck. The duck can clearly see her coming from a mile away, but she thinks she’s goddamn Solid Snake.

As she gets about 5 feet from it, the duck turns around, lets out a mighty quacking battle cry, and flies straight into her. I hear a yelp from my girlfriend followed by a flurry of feathers that ends with the duck flying off as she is knocked flat on her butt in the parking lot. I still love to remind her from time to time that she was outwitted by a duck.


22. Watery Chocolatey


Me and my boyfriend were baking and needed to melt some chocolate. So I brought some water to a boil, grabbed a metal bowl to put in the water and was then going to melt the chocolate in the bowl, as I’ve been taught in cooking class.

I told my boyfriend how to do this as I was going along and the water started to boil. So he asked, “Should I add the chocolate now then?” “Yeah, sure,” I said.  I turned my back for a few seconds and when I looked. He’d put the bloody block of chocolate straight into the boiling water.


21. Dolby Surround Sound


We were watching Stranger Things one weekend and my husband had to let one rip. We are pretty comfortable with each other so passing gas is something we do very often (unfortunately). I was watching pretty intently a scene that I can’t remember, but Dustin was experimenting with something when I heard a surround sound of something exploding/popping and the bed rumble a little.

I went “Whoa, I didn’t know our soundbar is that impactful, it sounded so real.” My husband just went, “Uhmm… No, I farted.” I went from smiling to being amazed within a split second.


20. Peter Piper


My first ever boyfriend did something so silly we laugh about it now (it was over ten years ago and he’s my husband now). I was sick and I requested some Wendy’s, which he dutifully brought me. I asked for a chili and a Dr. Pepper.

He shows up with a frosty.  I said, “I said chili! I wanted chili!”. He apologized, felt bad and said, “But I remembered to bring you lots of pepper!”, and holds out a bag filled with pepper packets. I doubled over laughing so hard and he had no idea why.


19. Cultural Greeting, eh?


My husband and I were walking into a Walgreens when this homeless guy says “Hey pendejo, you got a dollar?” My husband hands the guy a $5 bill and says “I gave him $5 because he gave me the cultural greeting”.

I just immediately started laughing like crazy. He goes “What’s so funny?”. I look up pendejo on my phone and show him what it means (a stupid person) and he’s like, “Omg I am such an idiot.” I still crack up so hard thinking about that.


18. Foot Phone


This happened just one time but it’s one of my favorite memories. We were watching a movie on the sofa, and laid at opposite sides, holding one another’s legs. The movie was boring so my significant other put my foot to his ear and said, “Yes this is dog?”.

And so began about an hour of pretending each others’ foot was a phone. I have no idea how we spent so long pretending. I absolutely lost it when his face turned completely serious, and he put his hand on my heel and said, “Can you be quiet for a bit? I really need to take this.”


17. Her First Time


On our third date, I took my girlfriend to a mini-golf place in the basement of a skyscraper downtown. Being the gentlemen, I let her go first on the first hole. She squares up, does a full back-swing and drives this thing like she’s trying to hit a par 4 in the Masters.

The ball goes ricocheting around the building and every person in the place freezes and looks at us. I instinctively yell FORE! I learned that she had never touched any kind of golf club before.


16. “I Don’t Even Care”


We had just recently got together and got a place rather quickly (I proposed a month into the relationship. Greatest woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of just being around). One morning, I’m in the bathroom getting ready for work, she wakes up shortly after, comes into the bathroom to go pee. Halfway through, she farts.

It was the driest, weirdest-sounding poof I have ever heard. Maybe because it was into the toilet bowl, who knows? But she looked at me, still half asleep and said, “I don’t even care.” She broke the fart ice first there. It’s been game on since and I win every time.


15. Slow-Mo Falling


Not long after my now-wife moved here, we were going for lunch with our big dogs to my parents’ farm. Our biggest and stupidest dog clipped her in the back of the knees in his excited run and I turned around just in time to see my wife falling over in the most awkward slow-motion fall ever.

Years later and we still talk about her and her slow-mo falling. Another fond memory is of her slipping on a banana someone dropped on the street in Sydney. I guess it’s her talent: the slow-mo fall.


14. She Fell For Me


One of my favorite ones was when neither of us, me nor my girlfriend, had a car so we’d bike/walk to each other. We’d take this trail that’s surrounded by tall grass and such.

Well, one time when we finally saw each other, she just rode her bike straight into a ditch and fell both slowly and casually. It was so funny because she had no vocal or physical reaction. She just steered a bit too much to the left and fell in a ditch.


13. Assumption Gone Wrong


We were on this big bike ride that’s basically the state fair of bicycles, it wasn’t terribly family friendly. So we’re riding through a town and pass a bar. A girl comes out with a stick and at the end of it was a doll holding a beer can.

My boyfriend thinks she’s going to pour beer in his mouth, so he opens up really wide and ends up deep-throating the big adult ‘man part’ toy hanging off the baby that he didn’t see until it was too late. I laughed for two miles out of town.


12. The Dresser Crasher


One night, I wasn’t quite asleep and I was facing my husband, who was facing the wall and our dresser. The bed is rather low so we’re eye level with some of the drawers which are less than a foot and a half away. He suddenly seems to wake up and bursts into a full run/leap, crashing directly into the dresser.

I shouldn’t have laughed because he could have hurt himself and he had no control over it but it still makes me giggle to this day. He had no idea why he did that, just that he was sure there was nothing on that side of the bed.


11. Cinderella Parody


I was watching a horror flick with my girlfriend and a couple of friends. It was a home invasion type of slasher film. So I went outside to smoke and snuck around the back. I quietly let myself in the back door, and all of a sudden ran towards my girlfriend yelling.

In less than a second, she took off her shoe and threw it at me, then ran outside the front door with the most scared face. Cue me laughing for days. It still brings a smile to my face.


10. Clumsy Chef


My husband was making macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. He pre-cut up the hotdogs and the butter. He then plopped the chunks of butter in the boiling water, realized his mistake and laughed at his own silliness.

He was going to start a new batch but ended up dumping the dry pasta down the sink instead of the water. I’m so glad I was there for that. We ended up eating the hotdogs. I never let my husband into the kitchen again.

9. “Did You Hear That?”


One of the first weekends she stayed with me, she excused herself to use the bathroom. I lived in a student apartment at the time so the bathroom was pretty much an en suite. I’m slowly drifting to sleep when I hear a massive fart vibrate and echo through the toilet bowl.

She comes out and meekly goes “did you hear that?”. I was going to pretend I hadn’t heard it to save face but it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. We’re comFARTable to fart in front of each other now. Thanks for breaking the fart barrier, babe!


8. The Toilet Bin


My boyfriend and I were once staying at a little cottage that was on a hotel’s grounds. Anyway, we decided that we’d play a drinking game to relax, have fun and add to the “mood.”  My boyfriend got absolutely drunk.

At the end of the night, I went to the loo, left the bathroom to see him standing in the doorway with the bin. Apparently, he had thought it was a toilet and had peed in it. I know he was embarrassed but I found it so funny. Like dude! What?


7. Bra Mask


My girlfriend and I have both started sleeping with sleep masks on, but last night I came to bed to find her, fully asleep, with a bra on her head — not even covering her face, just on her head like a hat.

I woke her up because I was laughing so hard, and after the initial anger of being woken up, she explained to me that she couldn’t find her mask and she thought the bra would do the trick. I knew she was the one at that exact moment.


6. The Concert King


We were hanging some stuff up in the apartment one day when this song Southern Culture On The Skids’s  Camel Walk came on. At one of “Yaweeee” parts, he hops up on a kitchen chair with one arm up in the air and does a perfect sounding “Yaweee” and then walk drops the back of the chair to the floor.

He then turns to my daughter and her friend who had come out of her room to see what the heck was going on, and says “Nailed it!” I think we all almost wet our pants we were laughing so hard.


5. Waiting In The Dark


My husband isn’t the kind of guy who likes spending money on himself. He grew up incredibly poor with younger siblings, so it’s just in his nature to forego his own needs for others. Anyway, after about a year and a half of saving up, he finally, FINALLY ordered a full cricket kit online. I’m talking the knee pads, helmet, gloves – the full caboodle. Even after he had hit the ‘pay now’ button I could see he was feeling overwhelmingly guilty about spending so much money on himself.

Two weeks later, I was running home late from work. I opened my front door and found it odd that all the lights were off. I clicked them on, and standing in the hallway in classic batter pose, was my husband in his full kit. He was waiting in the dark to show it off. I went from freaking terrified to “holy molly you look awesome” in less than a second. He didn’t take it off for the rest of the night. I still giggle to myself when I think about.


4. The Flash


When I first started dating my husband, we went for runs quite often out at the trails near the park in our town. It’s a lovely wooded area and lots of wildlife are there. We were running one morning, he was a few paces ahead of me, when he just casually turned around, still running, and ran past me without saying a single word.

I looked ahead and saw a snake slithering across the trail. This man ran two miles back to the car and left me there. I’m a farm girl and not afraid of creatures I know won’t hurt me if I leave them alone, but I found out that he was DEATHLY afraid of snakes that day.


3. Sniff Sniff


I was riding my bike when I got a flat tire. As it happened near my girlfriend’s house, I went there without telling her to leave the bike there.

When I arrived at her house, I was about to ring the bell when I saw (through the living room window) her casually sniffing her armpit and I burst out laughing. Her face when she saw me was priceless. In that moment I knew I’d marry her.


2. He’s Gonna Say That


It was a really hot day and we were out with friends. He had wandered off somewhere and I saw a vending machine and started to buy a drink, saying to my friend, “I better buy this quick or he’s gonna see me and say, ‘you know you can get that cheaper at a grocery store!'”

I hadn’t even finished the sentence when he comes walking up, whips aside this flag hanging beside me, and says, “You know you can get that cheaper at a grocery store!” Well yeah, I knew it! I had a good chuckle.


1. Thump Goes The Wooden Stairs


We used to live in an old house with wooden stairs. In the middle of winter, my husband is wearing tracksuit pants, a jumper and woolen socks and goes upstairs to get his phone charger, while I’m cooking dinner.

The next minute, I hear THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. I go around to the corner to see my husband sitting at the bottom of the stairs with a shocked look on his face and I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.



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