What’s The Most Unprofessional Thing You’ve Ever Seen Someone Do and NOT Get Fired?


Going to work shouldn’t exactly be the most fun thing on the planet, but our experiences tend to differ based on what jobs we’re in. The goal of going to work is to make money to support yourself, but sometimes, people around us make it hard to do that with their antics. The worst part? They’re not fired or even scolded for it.

If you’ve experienced something like this, there are some people who are right there with you. Some have nearly lost their lives, some were harassed, some got into fights, and others got wasted to the point that it affected the business. If you’d like to read some of the unbelievable stories about people who should have been fired but weren’t, keep scrolling.

37. I Couldn’t Do That?


A new secretary started at the front desk. The front desk is responsible for ordering office supplies, so there’s an Amazon account for them to use. Her second day there, she orders four tires for her car and $300 worth of stuff for her house.

When confronted with the charges her response, “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that.” She got a warning not to steal anymore and is still the biggest idiot at every office gathering, i.e. twerking at an office dinner party.


36. Fake Injury Stunt


My co-worker stole our boss’s credit card, drove to Boston with his girlfriend, spent like $2,000 on it, and when the boss canceled the card and realized what had happened asked him about it, this guy goes, “My girlfriend took the card from your desk without me knowing.”

So they get the security camera tapes to check them, but they weren’t recording properly. The boss thinks he’s lying and bluffs about the security tapes, he goes “we have the security tapes of you stealing it.” The guy, thinking he’s guilty and cornered does the only thing someone like him would think to do. He switches a large water bottle on a water dispenser in the office kitchen and fakes a back injury and threatens to sue the company. The company gave him a month’s severance to go away. So he gets the month’s severance, disappears for a month then shows up the next month like nothing had happened. By this time, our old boss didn’t work there anymore, so he just kept his job- business as usual.

35. The Tantrum King


We used to have a tech named John. He was a brilliant tech; the most talented of our pool but he was a social retard if there ever was one. And I am not talking about some cutesy socially awkward penguin. Not once, not twice but three freaking times, while throwing a tantrum about parts or whatever, he slammed his company phone into the ground or at a wall. Even with a company account, the phones still cost $500 apiece.

Our router mistakenly sent him to a local battered woman’s shelter where the conversation regarding venting devolved to him yelling at the female employee, “I’ve never wanted to hit a woman so much. Stay in the kitchen where you belong.” He was still not fired.


34. Big Damage, No Trouble


I worked shortly at a place that packed wood shavings and there was a guy there that had no sense of safety. He repeatedly drove around the lot at full speed in the tractor, hitting vehicles multiple times. He left the handbrake off a truck and it went through a shed, he ripped off both doors and launched off a loading ramp. He rolled a semi-trailer because he fell asleep at the wheel. He then smashed support struts of a customer’s trailer and laughed in their face about it.

The worst one was when he backed out of a shed with the bucket of the tractor up and ripped out the central support beam and proceeded to pile up wood shavings all the way to the roof so no one would see the damage, then went home for the weekend. When confronted, he denied it, myself and everyone else were blamed, but we could prove it wasn’t us. The shed alone cost $20,000 to repair and he still works there.


33. Invading of Customer’s Privacy


I worked at a cellphone store. One afternoon, a woman comes in with her young daughter to get her a phone. While I’m writing up the contract with the mom, my coworker was on the other side showing the daughter some phone accessories or something. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, I come in and my boss immediately starts screaming at me, about how I’m a disgusting human being and whatnot.

It turns out, someone had been sending dirty text messages to a 12-year-old girl’s phone, and they know it was someone from the store, and I sold it to her. Well, it wasn’t me. We tracked it down to the other guy. He had pulled the contract from the files and gotten the number and proceeded to text her god knows what. He didn’t get fired because we were short staffed.


32. The Dead Has Risen


My roommate had a girl call in dead to work. She was too hungover, so she got her roommate to call her boss and say she died in a car accident.

Everyone on her team thought she was dead for four days until she turned up the following Monday as if nothing happened. She didn’t get fired and works in HR for freaking sake.


31. Asking For Too Much


I used to work with a guy who harassed pretty much every girl in the office. He’d tell coworkers their manicure was great and therefore perfect for some hand action, he asked them for nudes, he told me about a dream he supposedly had about me in vivid detail.

The thing is, everyone knew, but no one ever reported him because of how close he was to upper management. He got promotions without meeting his goals. It was like he could do no wrong.


30. Indecent Proposal


I used to work in finance and my boss’ boss’ boss (regional dead, one down from the global CEO, and has his own Wiki page) sent me tons of creepy text messages. He asked me to go to his hotel room, go on vacation with him, tell him my feelings for him, etc. I tried making up an imaginary boyfriend and kept repeating that I only admire him as an awesome mentor and that’s it.

My mentor reported it to HR since I had very strong written evidence. Nothing happened to him. I haven’t been able to land a finance job in this country since then, though. I tried applying for jobs in a different country to see if I’m just paranoid, and I got offers from two of the three jobs I applied for.


29. Danger To Pets


I worked at a veterinary hospital for a number of years and a coworker of mine was cutting the bandage of an IV catheter out of a dog’s leg and somehow managed to snip the plastic IV with it – leaving it in the dog’s vein.

We had to surgically remove it at our own cost and the vein was no longer usable for the rest of that dog’s life. It was obviously a mistake, but one that could have cost that dog its life. Not too long after, she miscalculated a medicine dose and gave 4x the recommended dose of pain medication. She STILL works there.


28. The Pooper Or Me?

This guy had bad diarrhea one day, so he put a bunch of paper towels in his pants. A little after lunch, he goes over and throws these poop covered paper towels in the garbage next to another dude’s machine.

Obviously, it smelled bad. The other dude went to the supervisor and said if the pooper didn’t get fired he was gonna quit. They refused to fire the pooper and the guy quit right then and there.


27. Faking Mom’s Death


I had a guy I was working with call in saying his mother died. Obviously, management let him off for that day and the next.

A couple of weeks later, something happened where the manager had to contact his emergency contact number and guess who answered? The guy’s mom, alive and well! He didn’t get fired or even just a suspension.


26. Injured Customer and Started Fire


I had a friend that should’ve been fired from his home improvement store job several times. The two big ones that I remember were when a customer asked him to get a can of spray paint that was high up on a shelf, but he dropped it on the customer’s face. It busted his lip and chipped his front teeth.

The one he definitely should’ve been let go for was when he was asked to dispose of some caustic chemicals that needed to be kept separate, but instead, he threw them all into the dumpster together and it caught fire. I don’t know how he kept his job.


25. The Burger Thrower


When I was a teenager, I got a job working at our local McDonald’s. One of my coworkers was temporarily suspended from work because one late night, some customers pissed him off by coming back into the drive through multiple times saying there wasn’t enough Big Mac sauce on their burger.

So, he filled that Big Mac box with so much sauce that the box was almost see-through due to all the grease. He threw the burger at the customers and told them to back off. When he came back, people cheered, and shortly after, he was totally removed from night shifts and only worked days.


24. Messed Up and Lost So Much Money


This is what happened to me. On my second day of bartending training, the bartender had a family emergency. The manager told me to make the drinks and learn the system fast. I messed up many drinks that day and rung everything up as a $3 happy hour special since I did not know the drink system.

It was taking me minutes to find one drink with so many people waiting. The owner said he lost so much money but understood the situation. He let me keep the job and didn’t ask for any money back.


23. What A Temper!


A co-worker asked to leave early, was told it was busy and she was needed. She proceeded to cuss out the supervisor and stormed out. The supervisor calls her back a few minutes later to write her up for her little meltdown, and the co-worker has a bigger meltdown than before and is threatening the supervisor.

The security has to come and escort her from the building. She walks back in an hour later swearing at everyone; the security quickly escorts her out again. She was back the next day like nothing ever happened and she still works there. She’s usually a sweet lady too.


22. Destroying Company Vehicle


An employee asked to borrow a company vehicle over the weekend. That night he gets wasted, gets in and drives down a major street, sideswiping a parked truck. He managed to make it home without killing anyone, but witnesses saw the business name on the vehicle.

So Saturday night at 1 am, the boss gets a call from the police and is asked to meet them at the employee’s house. No one answers or comes to the door, but the severely damaged company vehicle is parked out front. The next day, the guy meets with the boss and they go to the police together; he’s now sober so there’s no way they can prove he was drunk at the time. He’s still employed there.


21. Pig Head Ritual


This didn’t happen to a co-worker, but to me. To make a long story short, a prank war escalated to the point that I placed pig heads around a local pool (I was working at another pool). No one came in until 11 and someone from the community walked by and thought it was a satanic ritual.

They called the police, who in turn called the head of parks and rec for my city, who then sent out corporate security to conduct an investigation. I got caught and ended up with a funny letter on my file (which I still have a copy of today).


20. Steal and Get Drunk


I used to work in a hotel attached to a casino. One night, one of our valet drivers decided to steal the key to the storage room for the bar and drink warm bud light until he was extremely drunk. I noticed when he came down the escalator that he was swaying.

When he came to the hotel to bring a guest’s luggage, I knew he was drunk because I could smell him from across the desk. I reported him to my manager and she spoke to his manager; he was detained until an officer arrived to do a sobriety test. An hour after his last beer, he blew a 0.136 (you need less than 0.08 to pass). They sent him home for the night and he came back the following Monday like nothing happened.


19. Too Short Staffed to Let Go


I worked at a biotech lab. A guy and his “friends with benefits” in a different department decided to make love on the roof of the five-story building. They climbed the fire escape ladder and started doing the deed, but the security patrol guard heard them and started climbing up the ladder.

They decided to call “someone” for help. This, someone, ran up the stairwell and triggered the roof fire alarm door so they could get back in. Alarms were going crazy, so the security had to take care of it first before everyone started evacuating. They eventually got caught because of security footage but weren’t fired because “we are too short staffed to let any graveyard shift members go.”


18. The Glass Toss


I’m a bartender. A guy I work with routinely abused every single situation he could, like getting way too drunk while serving and generally being a jerk. A few months back, the general manager comes in and is doing paperwork. She asks said employee to “toss me a glass.”

Him, being a jerk, he actually gets a glass goblet and THROWS it at her and it hits her right between the eyes, falls to the ground and breaks. We all stood there thinking he was going to get fired. Nope, she gives him a stern talking-to and carries on like usual.


17. Making Out with the Student


I work in a private school in Colombia, which means it doesn’t follow the rules of the national ministry of education. A coworker (who is still working with me) got caught making out with an 11th-grade student (a senior in the USA). He was taken to the principal’s office to talk about the whole situation.

Well, obviously, he denied it, and even though he was caught in the act, he was not punished at all because the school didn’t have enough proof to take legal action. If this place was a public school, he would have been thrown into jail and marked as a pedophile. I freaking hate this place. I’m still here because I need the money.


16. Sloshing Gas


The teacher I worked with ran out of gas on the way to work and got a ride to campus. Later, she got a bucket and found a willing coworker to take her to a gas station and filled her open bucket with gas. She sloshed it all over the inside of the co-worker’s car and through the school parking lot before she realized she was late for a meeting. She sloshed the bucket through the carpeted hall and stashed it in her classroom. The school thought the gas line leading to the science wing has ruptured.

Emergency called-fire department, the gas company, etc. and they evacuated the building. They had her sloshing her bucket through the building on video. The assistant head of the school literally sniffed out the teacher and confronted her. She lied to his face before he snapped and called her out. Other than being embarrassed when she was caught lying, nothing happened to her.


15. The Drawing


At a barbecue I worked at, we have furnaces that burn wood all day. Well, the back doors to them where you throw the wood in collect ash. Sometimes people will draw in the ash and one day, my co-worker drew a huge man’s private part. Well, someone was throwing wood in and the backs of the furnace are visible to the parking lot. A family sees it and emails the owner about it.

Our GM, trying to save face, wanted to fire him but his boss told him it was too harsh and just gave him a week’s suspension. At the time, one of the managers was trying to be mad about it, but it’s just so silly he couldn’t take it 100% serious. One coworker was like “Sorry boss it wasn’t me, I would have drawn a vein and some hairs; this one isn’t very detailed.” The boss lost it.


14. Faking Medical Cert


I knew a guy who missed work under a strict no-call in period and used the excuse he was sick and went to the doctor. After a week or two of prodding, he finally presented the fakest, printed-straight-from-Google “doctor’s note” that was obviously for an elementary school. He hand wrote in an address for a local hospital, (which was the wrong suite) and then forged a doctor’s name of someone who worked for a walk-in clinic on the other side of town.

When his supervisor (single, older female,) was presented with this barrage of illegal paperwork (this was a gov’t job FYI) she called him and had a good laugh about it. That was it. “Stop abusing the attendance policy, lying to your superiors and committing felonies by forging a doctor’s names. Haha, okay bye.”


13. Drunk and Not Proud


A guy at my work came in drunk, merrily announced to everyone including the boss that he had been out drinking until two hours previously and hadn’t been home; he hugged a supervisor (who hardly knew him) while telling him he was his best friend and he really admired him.

Two hours later, he took an unscheduled break and sat on the ground in the car park eating a cheeseburger. He did no work all day, and his hangover kicked in around 2 pm and he just walked out. He came in the next day mortified and expecting to be fired, and he wasn’t.


12. Life is Really Unfair


My co-worker came in an hour late, still drunk from the party he’d attended the previous night. He fell asleep on the floor in the middle of the office. He was sent home to sleep it off.

Two weeks later, I was fired for washing my uniform wrong (I used different detergent powder). Government work, everybody! Never again.


11. The Egg-cellent One


Working in a supermarket, a guy was throwing eggs from one end of the store, over the shelves, to see how many aisles he could clear. He managed not to hit any customers, but one came close.

He wasn’t get fired because no one could prove it was him, and most people were too amused to report him (other than the cleaners). And since we’re located in a rural area, the supermarket has only two surveillance cameras located on the front door, and on the back door- so there’s really no evidence.


10. Deleted All The Data


I was working at a hedge fund, and one of the guys next to me was working on the production database. He accidentally deleted the entire thing- all of their market data from forever was gone; they were new to automating the system and they had just set everything up in-house recently, so there’s no backup. Also, this data is expensive to replace, but also necessary for operations.

It was a full day operation to get the data from the backup server, and it was missing the last week, so people were basically dead in the water. The same week, he manages to pour an entire bottle of water onto his running laptop (he knocked the bottle over, and then he picked up the wrong end). Luckiest jerk I’ve ever met.


9. Rude Doormen


I work as a doorman. One coworker has a pair of used panties in his suit jacket that he takes out and sniffs. He has asked tenants’ daughters if they are making out with their boyfriends and he regularly sabotages various pieces of equipment or others’ uniforms. Sometimes he simply just doesn’t pass messages along.

A different coworker has refused tenants entry into their own elevator, meaning they can’t get into their own apartment. The same coworker also broke into an apartment to snoop around, was caught, but still has his job. He has also yelled at tenants. I don’t get it.


8. That He’s a Better Candidate


Some bigwig sent a huge congratulatory email to the team about someone getting promoted. About 15 minutes later, a guy replies to everyone. He apparently hated that guy that had gotten the promotion and had been led to believe that he was getting the promotion.

Mind you, he listed off every reason he was the better candidate for the job, and why he was mortally offended this decision had been made behind his back, yadda, yadda, yadda. This email went out to about 10,000 people. He wasn’t fired or even scolded.


7. Well-Paid Slacker


At my last job, there was a guy who pretty much spent all day playing the stock market and chatting on a dating site. All. Day. He was in a pretty high up and EXTREMELY well-paid position, and he basically pushed all his work to the document clerk that was on his team, which she hated because she had a hard time juggling that with her already packed workload.

She got with the IT manager, who then spent a week documenting the slacker’s computer activity. Once the lack of work was brought to the attention of the higher ups, they got upset at the IT manager for monitoring the computer use (which is his job) and a couple of weeks later, they gave the slacker a raise. That office pretty much was all about letting the crap rise to the top. I’m so glad I left.


6. Turning Down Customers


One of my previous jobs was working in a call center. One guy would forward his office phone for taking incoming client calls to his cellphone, and he would take off from the office for a few hours. If he got a forwarded call, he would tell the client he was having PC problems and to call in again to speak with someone else. He did this more than a few times and other employees complained to management about it.

Management looked into it and pulled the call records. They had call log evidence as well as people in the office who was on record saying the guy would disappear for hours at a time. You’d think he was screwed. There was no punishment. He was told to knock it off, received no punishment, and the whole thing was swept under the rug. Then he was promoted a few months later.


5. Not Showing Up for Weeks


I used to work in a deli. My coworker, we’ll call him Mike, stopped showing up to work without a word. We assumed he had quit. A lady shows up a week later asking about Mike, so I tell her I didn’t really know the guy that well and that I haven’t seen him in a week.

She then tells us that she’s the mother of Mike’s girlfriend and they both ran away together. This being a minimum wage job, I really didn’t care and dismissed her with “Have a nice day.” Five days later, Mike shows up to work and no one questions his whereabouts for the last two weeks.


4. The Queen of All


We have this one middle-aged woman who can do whatever she wants and not worry about being fired. If she’s given extra work to do, she’ll curse out her boss. If she’s doing work she doesn’t want to do, they’ll move her to what she wants to do. It’s no issue for her to walk off the floor and talk to people, or hang out in HR for up to an hour.

If she’s being mean to you? Too late, she told on you for being mean to her and you get in trouble. And hopefully, you know some matrix moves, otherwise, she’ll straight up shoulder bump you to the ground and snitch you knocked her down on purpose. Sadly, HR caters to her every need while you get a write up for checking your phone for the time.


3. Zoning Out


An old coworker of mine, who had no more craps to give, was explaining the differences between our cameras to a customer with our supervisor just a few feet away. The conversation went something like: “It’s got a pretty nice zoom, a high megapixel count, a good lens, a large man’s junk, and different picture modes.”

The customer just nodded and seemed completely oblivious to anything he was saying, and the supervisor was too distracted to listen in. I’ve always known that customers tend to stop listening to us while giving our pitch, but I had never seen such an extreme case of zoning out.


2. A Potentially Deadly Prank


I was working, doing some tree removal. My partner and I have gotten the tree down and segmented; now we’re loading it up into the scoop of a front-end loader. We hear him pulling in behind us, guide him in, and when he gets within three feet of us, he slams the bucket down on the sidewalk to ‘see if it would scare us.’

Hearing a deafening sound from point blank and feeling the Earth shake beneath your feet is terrifying. The bucket is well over 6 feet tall across the mouth; his little prank could have killed us if he misjudged the distance.


1. In and Out


I used to work for our provincial healthcare provider, which is known for its hard to fire employee stance but this one story took it to a whole new level. This one guy would come in at the start of his shift, clock in, then screw off for the whole day. He’d return at the end of the day and clock out.

After him doing this for ONE YEAR he was finally caught by someone checking some security tapes. Because catching him was his “first incident” he was only given one strike and you need three to be let go.

Hassan Washington

Hassan Washington

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